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John Newcombe Country Club: Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Located in the heart of New Braunfels, John Newcombe Country Club invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey of health, wellness, and extraordinary experiences.

Let’s dive into its history, membership cost, and amenities it has to offer!

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John Newcombe Country Club began as a tennis ranch.

The ethos of ‘welcome home’ echoes through the legacy of the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, a paragon of modern tennis academies for 40 years.

This essence now envelops the new John Newcombe Country Club – a $2.1 million haven birthed from Newcombe’s dream and Jeremy Fieldsend’s vision.

Emerging 30 years later, it reflects a meticulously cultivated community that feels like home.

The facility encompasses a cutting-edge fitness and tennis center, adorned with free weights, pilates, a kids club, a resort-style outdoor pool, six lighted tennis courts, and indoor/outdoor lounge areas, all complete with a full-service pro shop.

Detail orientation sets ‘The Club’ apart. CEO Don Henderson, of Cliff Drysdale Tennis, meticulously used native rock and surroundings, creating an ambiance of exclusivity and wonder.

Elevated 12 feet, the courts sit beneath the facility’s back deck, surrounded by see-thru netting. This maintains an uninterrupted picturesque view from the back lounge area and fitness center.

Entering, a personal greeting awaits – a staff priding themselves on knowing members by name.

Director Scott McCulloch emphasizes the family feel, stating, ‘When you walk in the door, you are a part of our family. You are our mates.’

Part of John Newcombe Estates and Country Club – a Cliff Drysdale tennis community – The Club represents Phase Two. Launched in 2008, Phase One allowed founding members to apply a joining fee against a home site’s cost.

Phase Two provides limited public and homeowner memberships (300 public, 200 homeowners), fostering a familial ambiance.

A Grand Opening during Labor Day Weekend, complete with Newcombe’s official launch, crowns the Club’s soft opening.

tennis ranch at john newcombe country club

Membership Details

Membership, priced roughly around $90 to $160 per month with varying initiation fees, offers more than access; it promises a lifestyle – ‘a home away from home.’

There are a variety of membership options at John Newcombe Country Club tailored to individual preferences, including:

General Membership – Single

  • Provides general access to club amenities.
  • Unlimited group fitness classes (excluding Group Training classes which incur an additional charge).
  • Reciprocal membership privileges and travel benefits at Cliff Drysdale Tennis and Troon Golf facilities.

General Membership – Family

Similar benefits to the General Membership – Single, but extended to family members.

All Club Memberships have access to the Club’s state-of-the-art fitness, tennis and pickleball amenities, featuring:


  • Indoor and outdoor fitness areas.
  • A wide array of cardio & strength training equipment.
  • New additions of Pelotons and Synergy 360XL.
  • Complimentary group fitness classes including BodyPump, Yoga, Spinning
  • Kids Club for family-oriented fitness.


  • Resort-style outdoor pool.
  • Locker rooms and showers.
  • Towel service

Tennis and Pickleball

  • Eleven (11) outdoor hard surface tennis courts, lighted for night play.
  • Eight (8) outdoor hard surface pickleball courts.
  • Specialized game-arranging services.



There are a range of enriching tennis programs at John Newcombe Country Club designed for both adults and juniors.

Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to enhance your skills, the Club’s diverse offerings cater to various skill levels and age groups.

Adult Tennis Programs

You can explore the adult tennis programs that are tailored to enhance your skills, boost your fitness, and elevate your game. From beginners to advanced players, all programs programs offer a holistic approach to tennis development.

Tennis 101: Join the fun and exciting beginners clinic, Tennis 101. This program provides an accelerated track to grasp stroke techniques, rules, positioning, and the fundamentals of the game.

Tennis 201: For recent Tennis 101 graduates or players returning to the court, Tennis 201 builds upon the fundamentals while introducing strategy and point play instruction.

Cardio Tennis: Bring your cardio routine to the tennis court with Cardio Tennis. This dynamic workout is suitable for players of all abilities, with no prior tennis experience required.

Doubles Clinic: Refine your doubles game through strategic drills and live ball games that expose you to various matchplay scenarios.

3.0 Clinic: Join this clinic to advance your stroke technique, rallying, and match play abilities alongside players of a similar learning level.

3.5 Clinic: Designed for intermediate to advanced players, this class is ideal for refining existing skills and taking your game to a new level.

4.5 Clinic: For advanced players seeking a demanding class centered around live ball, rally, and point play scenarios against players of a similar skillset.

Morning & Evening Clinics: Open to players of all levels, these clinics feature feeding and point play tailored to the participants’ skill levels. You can enjoy a fast-paced and enjoyable clinic experience.

guy holding a tennis racket at john newcombe country club

Junior Tennis Programs

John Newcombe Country Club offers a range of junior programs for the young ones.

Its certified instructors create a supportive and educational environment to develop skills, techniques, and a love for the game.

Junior Joeys | Red Ball (ages 3-4): Build basic coordination, movement skills, hand-eye coordination, and readiness for sports in this fun introductory class.

Joeys | Red Ball (ages 5-6): Introduce young players to tennis with a focus on hand-eye coordination, racquet skills, basic movement, strokes, and most importantly, having fun.

Wallabies | Orange Ball (ages 7-8): Develop racquet skills and techniques in a rallying and skill-based context. Wallabies offers a blend of technique and games in an enjoyable learning environment.

Jr Kookaburras | Green Ball (ages 9-11): Combine rally scenarios, techniques, match play, and point scenarios to prepare young players for match play and tournament settings

Kookaburras | Yellow Ball (ages 12-16): Tailored for older juniors, this program focuses on overall tennis skills improvement, including stroke development, rallying, and point play.

High School Tennis Group | Yellow Ball (ages 14-18): Designed for driven players, this program includes developmental drills, high-intensity training, and fitness sessions to take your game to the next level.

Pickle Ball

Adult Pickle Ball

John Newcombe Country Club presents an array of engaging adult pickleball programs, catering to players of various skill levels who seek to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of this dynamic sport.

From novices to experienced players, everyone can find a program that suits their preferences and aspirations.

Doubles Challenge Court

For those looking to put their competitive spirit to the test in a welcoming and sociable atmosphere, the Doubles Challenge Court is an excellent choice.

This innovative play option offers ladder-style gameplay, allowing players to ascend or descend the ladder based on their performance. It’s a platform to refine strategies and showcase skills while enjoying the friendly competition.

Friday 3.5+ Clinic

Intermediate to advanced players seeking to refine their skills and elevate their competitive edge can join the Friday 3.5+ Clinic.

This clinic focuses on advanced shot selection, strategic gameplay, and drilling techniques to enhance players’ on-court prowess.

Monday Night Beginner Open Play (3.0 and Under)

Newcomers to pickleball can engage in the Monday Night Beginner Open Play, which provides a relaxed and sociable environment for learning and practicing the game’s fundamentals.

It’s a perfect opportunity for those who are still mastering the basics to connect with fellow players.

Open Play (Weekly Drop-In)

The Open Play sessions offer a weekly drop-in format, welcoming players of all skill levels.

Organized by professionals, this session provides a platform for players to enjoy dynamic matches and interact with different opponents throughout the evening.

Pickleball 101 (4 Week Session)

Embark on a comprehensive four-week journey through the Pickleball 101 session, designed to equip participants with a solid foundation in the sport.

Learn about serving, scoring, dinking, and essential gameplay elements during this engaging program.

pickleball at john newcombe country club

Pickleball 201 (4 Week Session)

Building upon the fundamentals learned in Pickleball 101, the Pickleball 201 session focuses on refining techniques and introducing advanced tactics.

Participants will master the “third shot drop,” improve transitions, and delve into intermediate strategies.


Fitness and Nutrition Challenges

Elevate your summer wellness journey with the engaging and transformative Summer Fitness & Nutrition Challenge at John Newcombe Country Club.

From July 17th to August 6th, immerse yourself in a comprehensive program that encompasses nutrition guidance, a targeted fitness plan, invigorating group training, and informative nutrition sessions—all within the welcoming environment of the JNCC gym.

Program Highlights

  • Nutrition Guide: Gain valuable insights into nourishing your body for optimal health and performance through a comprehensive nutrition guide tailored to your needs.
  • Fitness Plan: Embark on a fitness journey designed to challenge and empower you. The Club’s fitness plan is crafted to help you achieve your goals and push your limits.
  • Weekly Group Training: Join fellow participants in invigorating group training sessions, fostering motivation and camaraderie while pushing your boundaries.
  • Nutrition Sessions: Participate in informative nutrition sessions to expand your knowledge about making mindful dietary choices that align with your goals.
  • Exciting Competition and Prizes: Engage in friendly competition throughout the challenge, with the chance to win exciting prizes that recognize your dedication and progress.

Program Cost

Participation in the program has estimated costs of $175 for members and $225 for non-members.


John Newcombe Country Club boasts a highly coveted swimming and poolside lounging destination in New Braunfels, Texas.

It features a semi-Olympic-sized pool with lap swimming lanes, rock ledges for relaxation, ample seating spaces with tables and chairs, and a dedicated kids’ zone equipped with a splash pad, slide, climbing wall, and Zipline.

Furthermore, a convenient service window facilitates orders for food and beverages, ranging from beer, wine, and cocktails to fresh smoothies, ice cream, snacks for children, and prepared sandwiches.

Without a doubt, the Pool area is the ultimate hub for your summer enjoyment.

Community and Events

  • Annual calendar available of social, fitness, and tennis member events.
  • Indoor and outdoor lounge areas with flat-screen TVs.

Rules and Regulations & Dress Code

At John Newcombe Country Club strict rules and policies are implemented throughout its various facilities to ensure the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all members and guests.

Gym Rules

  • Only JNCC members are allowed in the gym and fitness areas.
  • Children under 10 are not permitted in the gym, except for designated group classes for their age.
  • Children aged 10-13 may use the gym with a parent/guardian after completing the Youth Fitness Agreement.
  • Proper fitness attire, including a shirt covering the midriff, shorts/pants/skirts, and athletic shoes, is required.
  • Wipe down equipment with designated spray and paper towel after use.
  • Set cell phones to vibrate and limit usage to emergencies in fitness areas.
  • No food or drinks, unless in a non-glass container with a lid, are allowed in fitness areas.
  • Keep indoor equipment indoors and outdoor equipment outdoors.
  • Return weights and equipment to their designated locations after use.
  • Avoid dropping or banging weights.
  • Use headphones for audio devices in fitness areas.
  • Follow equipment directions, ensure seats are secure, and pins are in place before use.
  • Have a spotter for challenging exercises.
  • Allow others to “work in” while using equipment.
  • Report maintenance issues to the front desk.
  • Peloton users need a reservation, check-in, and use headphones.
  • Stop exercising if experiencing dizziness, pain, or discomfort.
  • Management/ownership is not responsible for injuries.

Pool Rules

  • Loungers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Glass containers and outside alcohol are prohibited in the pool area. Cooler checks will be conducted upon entry.
  • The pool area is not staffed with lifeguards. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Splash Pad Rules

  • The wet pad is designated for kids aged 5 and under.
  • Parental supervision is required for kids.
  • Running is not allowed on the wet pad area.
  • Use of kickboards and other devices is prohibited.

Water Slide Rules

  • The slide is for kids aged 7 and under.
  • Parental supervision is required for kids on the slide.
  • Riders must be in a forward sitting or lying position on their back.
  • Only one rider at a time.
  • Do not attempt to stop on the slide.
  • Clear the landing area before taking off.
  • No running, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, or stopping.
  • Kickboards and other devices are not allowed on the slide.

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