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Welcome to the Texarkana Country Club, nestled in the heart of Texarkana, Arkansas, where southern hospitality meets championship golf and refined leisure. As a premier destination for those seeking an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere, Texarkana Country Club offers a haven for both avid golfers and social enthusiasts alike. Our meticulously manicured grounds boast a challenging 18-hole golf course designed to delight players of all skill levels.

Beyond the greens, members can indulge in exceptional dining experiences, upscale amenities, and a vibrant social calendar that fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. At Texarkana Country Club, we invite you to embrace the perfect blend of tradition and modern luxury, creating memorable moments and lasting connections for our esteemed members. Experience the epitome of Southern charm and leisure at Texarkana Country Club.

Texarkana Country Club History and Founding

The Texarkana Country Club, steeped in rich history and founded on a vision of excellence, has long been a cornerstone of Texarkana, Arkansas. Established in 1914, the club has evolved into a distinguished institution that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary amenities.

The visionary founders, inspired by a passion for golf and the desire to create a refined social hub, brought together a community eager to embrace the ideals of camaraderie and leisure. The Texarkana Country Club was not merely conceived as a golfing destination but as a haven for those seeking an elevated lifestyle.

The renowned architect William Langford, a master of his craft, lent his expertise to the creation of the club’s exceptional golf course. Known for his ability to design courses that challenge and inspire, William Langford sculpted the landscape, transforming it into the picturesque and meticulously manicured haven that it is today.

Over the years, Texarkana Country Club has stood witness to countless rounds of golf, celebrations, and cherished moments. Its legacy as a social epicenter, where families and friends gather for leisure and recreation, continues to thrive. As the Texarkana Country Club looks toward the future, it remains committed to upholding its storied traditions while embracing the evolving needs and desires of its esteemed members.

Texarkana Country Club Membership Costs and Dues

Texarkana Country Club is a private club in Texarkana, Arkansas, and like many private clubs, its membership costs and dues are not publicly available. However, some rumors and estimations are circulating online that can give you a general idea of what you might expect to pay.

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  • Estimated Initiation Fee: $10,000 – $25,000 for Individual memberships, $15,000 – $30,000 for Family memberships, and $25,000 – $50,000 for Corporate memberships.
  • Estimated Monthly Dues: $300 – $500 for Individual memberships, $400 – $600 for Family memberships, and $500 – $700 for Corporate memberships.

Please keep in mind that these are just estimates and may not be accurate. The actual costs may vary depending on the type of membership you choose, your age, and other factors.

Here are some additional things to consider when researching membership costs at Texarkana Country Club:

  • Cart fees: Some clubs charge additional fees for golf cart rentals.
  • Food and beverage minimums: Some clubs have minimum spending requirements for food and beverages.
  • Taxes and assessments: Some clubs charge additional taxes and assessments on top of the membership fee.

Texarkana Country Club Amenities

While specific amenities at country clubs can evolve over time-based on renovations and member needs, here are some common amenities that you might find at the Texarkana Country Club or a similar establishment:

  1. Golf Course: Typically, country clubs are renowned for their golf courses. The Texarkana Country Club likely offers a well-maintained 18-hole golf course designed to challenge players of various skill levels.
  2. Clubhouse: A central hub for socializing and events, the clubhouse often houses dining facilities, meeting spaces, and possibly overnight accommodations.
  3. Dining Facilities: Country clubs often feature upscale dining options, including formal dining rooms, casual restaurants, and possibly outdoor dining areas.
  4. Tennis Courts: Many country clubs provide tennis facilities, including well-maintained courts and possibly professional instruction.
  5. Swimming Pool: A swimming pool is a common amenity for recreation and relaxation, particularly during the warmer months.
  6. Fitness Center: Modern country clubs often have fitness facilities equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.
  7. Social Events: Clubs often organize social events, such as parties, themed dinners, and holiday celebrations, fostering a sense of community among members.
  8. Spa and Wellness Facilities: Some country clubs offer spa services and wellness facilities for relaxation and pampering.
  9. Pro Shop: A pro shop is usually available for golfers to purchase equipment, apparel, and accessories.
  10. Children’s Activities: Family-oriented country clubs may provide activities and programs for children, such as kids’ clubs or summer camps.

Texarkana Country Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Texarkana Country Club, like many private clubs, typically hosts a variety of events throughout the year to provide members with social, recreational, and entertainment opportunities. While the specific events can vary, here are some common types of celebrations and activities that members might enjoy at country clubs, including the Texarkana Country Club:

  1. Golf Tournaments: Regular or special golf tournaments can be organized for members, ranging from casual events to competitive tournaments.
  2. Themed Parties: Country clubs often host themed parties for holidays, special occasions, or just for the enjoyment of members. Examples include costume parties, holiday galas, or seasonal celebrations.
  3. Family Events: Family-oriented activities such as picnics, family days, and kid-friendly events can be organized to foster a sense of community among members and their families.
  4. Live Entertainment: Clubs may bring in live bands, musicians, or entertainers for special events or regular weekend entertainment.
  5. Fine Dining Events: Gourmet dinners, wine tastings, and culinary events can be organized for members who enjoy upscale dining experiences.
  6. Holiday Celebrations: Clubs often host events for major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more.
  7. Sports Events: For sports enthusiasts, clubs may organize viewing parties for major sporting events like the Super Bowl or the Masters Tournament.
  8. Charity Events: Some country clubs engage in philanthropy by organizing charity events or fundraisers for local causes.
  9. Fitness and Wellness Events: Health-focused activities, such as fitness challenges, wellness workshops, or yoga classes, may be offered to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Ladies and Men’s Events: Special events tailored for women or men, such as ladies’ luncheons or men’s golf outings, can provide unique social opportunities.

Private country clubs typically offer a range of dining options to cater to their members’ preferences. Here are some common dining features you might find at the Texarkana Country Club:

  1. Formal Dining Room: A formal dining room where members can enjoy elegant meals in a refined atmosphere.
  2. Casual Dining: A more relaxed dining area or lounge for members seeking a less formal setting.
  3. Outdoor Dining: Patios or outdoor areas where members can dine while enjoying the club’s scenic surroundings.
  4. Bar and Lounge: A bar area where members can gather for drinks, socialize, and enjoy a more casual atmosphere.
  5. Specialty Menus: Some clubs offer specialty menus for occasions like holidays, themed events, or seasonal celebrations.
  6. Private Dining Rooms: Spaces for members to host private events, dinners, or celebrations with friends and family.
  7. Catering Services: The club may provide catering services for private events, weddings, or special occasions.

Texarkana Country Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Country clubs like Texarkana typically have specific dress codes and guest policies to maintain a certain atmosphere and uphold their standards of etiquette.

Here are general guidelines that many country clubs follow:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Attire: Proper golf attire is often required on the golf course. This may include collared shirts, golf slacks or Bermuda shorts, and golf shoes. T-shirts, denim, and athletic shorts are usually not permitted on the course.
  2. Casual Wear: In casual dining areas or clubhouses, smart casual attire is often acceptable. This may include collared shirts, neat trousers, and casual shoes. Some clubs may have specific guidelines regarding jeans and sneakers.
  3. Formal Dining: Formal dining areas typically require more formal attire. This may include jackets for men and dresses or equivalent for women.
  4. Swimwear: Proper swimwear is generally required at pool areas, and cover-ups may be necessary when transitioning from the pool to other club facilities.
  5. Hats: Many clubs have rules about wearing hats indoors, and they may need to be removed in certain areas.

Guest Policy:

  1. Accompanied Guests: Guests are often welcome but may need to be accompanied by a member. Some clubs may limit the number of times the same guest can visit in a month or year.
  2. Guest Registration: Guests may need to register upon arrival, providing their name and other relevant information.
  3. Member Responsibility: Members are typically responsible for the behavior of their guests and ensuring they adhere to the club’s rules and etiquette.
  4. Limitations on Frequency: Some country clubs may have limitations on how often the same guest can visit within a specified time period.

Texarkana Country Club stands as a beacon of elegance, camaraderie, and leisure in the heart of Texarkana, Arkansas. With its rich history, meticulously designed golf course, and an array of upscale amenities, the club offers members a haven where tradition meets modern luxury. From challenging rounds of golf to refined dining experiences and a vibrant social calendar, Texarkana Country Club fosters a sense of community and connection among its esteemed members.

As it continues to evolve, the club remains dedicated to upholding its storied traditions while adapting to the changing needs and desires of its membership. Embrace the epitome of Southern charm and leisure at Texarkana Country Club, where every visit promises memorable moments and lasting connections.

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Disclaimer: CountryClubMag.com is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.