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Welcome to Snake River Sporting Club, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Jackson, Wyoming. Embraced by the majestic Teton Range and bordered by the legendary Snake River, this exclusive sporting club offers a harmonious blend of luxurious living and outdoor adventure. With a commitment to preserving the pristine wilderness that surrounds it, Snake River Sporting Club provides a haven for those seeking an unparalleled escape.

Whether you are drawn to world-class golf, fly fishing in the renowned Snake River, or simply indulging in the serene beauty of the Tetons, this premier destination invites you to immerse yourself in the splendor of nature while enjoying the finest amenities and hospitality. Welcome to an extraordinary lifestyle at Snake River Sporting Club, where luxury meets the untamed wilderness of Jackson, Wyoming.

Snake River Sporting Club History and Founding

Snake River Sporting Club boasts a rich history, founded in 1995 by a group of visionary individuals who sought to create a unique sporting club experience in the heart of Wyoming. They envisioned a place where members could enjoy world-class golf, fly-fishing, horseback riding, and other outdoor pursuits, all amidst the stunning scenery of the American West.

The architect behind the club’s stunning clubhouse and signature golf course is none other than renowned golf course designer Tom Weiskopf. Weiskopf is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create courses that are both challenging and visually stunning. The Snake River Sporting Club’s golf course is no exception, consistently ranking among the top courses in Wyoming.

The clubhouse itself is a masterpiece of Western design, with soaring log ceilings, stone fireplaces, and expansive windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day of outdoor adventures or to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.

Snake River Sporting Club is much more than just a golf course. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities beyond the fairway. Members can enjoy fly fishing in the pristine Snake River, horseback riding through the rolling hills, or exploring the surrounding wilderness on guided hikes and wildlife safaris. The club also boasts luxurious accommodations, fine dining experiences, and a vibrant social scene, fostering a sense of community and belonging among its members.

Snake River Sporting Club Membership Costs and Dues

Due to the private nature of the Snake River Sporting Club, official information about membership costs and dues is not publicly available. However, based on various sources and estimates, here’s an overview of what you might encounter:

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Membership Types:

  • Regular Membership: Open to individuals 40 years or older, offering full privileges in all club amenities. Estimated initiation fee of $150,000-$200,000 and annual dues of $10,000-$15,000.
  • Junior Regular Membership: Available for individuals under 40 with a reduced initiation fee and dues until they reach 40, at which point they convert to a Regular Membership. Estimated initiation fee of $75,000-$100,000 and annual dues of $5,000-$7,500.
  • National Membership: Restricted to individuals without property within 200 miles of the club and limited access to golf and guest privileges. Estimated initiation fee of $50,000-$75,000 and annual dues of $5,000-$7,500.
  • Sporting Membership (Non-Golf): Provides full access to amenities except golf, with lower initiation and dues compared to Regular Membership. Estimated initiation fee of $75,000-$100,000 and annual dues of $7,500-$10,000.

Additional Costs:

  • Food and Beverage: Not included in dues, with members paying à la carte for dining and refreshments.
  • Accommodation: The club offers various lodging options, with members receiving preferential rates compared to the public.
  • Cart Fees and Other Charges: Additional fees may apply for golf cart rentals, equipment rentals, and other services.

Rumors and Estimates:

  • Some rumors suggest potential initiation fees exceeding $250,000 for certain membership types, though concrete evidence is unavailable.
  • Annual dues might fluctuate depending on the chosen membership package, family memberships, and inflation adjustments.

Please note that the information above is based on estimates and rumors, and actual costs may vary.

Snake River Sporting Club Amenities

The Snake River Sporting Club in Jackson, Wyoming, offers a wide range of amenities, catering to both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking luxurious relaxation. While specific amenities may evolve, here is a general overview of the amenities provided by the club:

  1. Golf Course: The club is known for its championship golf course, designed to integrate seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty.
  2. Fly Fishing: Situated along the Snake River, the club offers excellent opportunities for fly fishing, attracting anglers with the promise of world-class experiences.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Members can engage in various outdoor pursuits, such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, taking advantage of the stunning Teton Range.
  4. Clubhouse: A central hub for socializing and relaxation, the clubhouse typically features dining options, meeting spaces, and perhaps a pro shop.
  5. Spa and Wellness: Many exclusive clubs include spa and wellness facilities, providing members with opportunities for rejuvenation and relaxation.
  6. Fitness Center: State-of-the-art fitness facilities may be available, allowing members to maintain an active lifestyle.
  7. Tennis Courts: For those interested in tennis, the club may have well-maintained courts for recreational and competitive play.
  8. Community Events: The country club often hosts various social events and community gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among members.
  9. Real Estate: Some sporting clubs offer real estate opportunities, allowing members to own residences within the community.
  10. Concierge Services: Exclusive clubs often provide concierge services to assist members with various needs, enhancing the overall experience.

Snake River Sporting Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Snake River Sporting Club, located in the scenic surroundings of Jackson, Wyoming, offers a variety of events and celebrations that cater to its members’ interests and the unique environment. While specific events may vary, here are some general types of celebrations and activities that members at such clubs often enjoy:

  1. Seasonal Events: Celebrations tied to the changing seasons, such as spring festivals, summer barbecues, fall harvest events, and winter holiday festivities.
  2. Sporting Tournaments: Golf tournaments, tennis competitions, or other sporting events that bring members together for friendly competition and camaraderie.
  3. Community Gatherings: Social events like member mixers, cocktail parties, and community gatherings provide opportunities for members to connect and build relationships.
  4. Holiday Celebrations: Special events or themed parties for holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.
  5. Concerts and Entertainment: Live music events, outdoor concerts, or entertainment nights featuring local artists or guest performers.
  6. Wellness and Health Retreats: Health and wellness-focused events, including yoga retreats, fitness challenges, and spa days.
  7. Educational Workshops: Workshops or seminars on topics of interest, such as outdoor activities, environmental conservation, or culinary arts.
  8. Family-Friendly Events: Activities designed for families, including kid-friendly events, family outings, and celebrations of milestones like birthdays or anniversaries.
  9. Culinary Experiences: Wine tastings, chef’s dinners, or themed culinary events showcasing local and seasonal ingredients.
  10. Nature and Adventure Events: Guided hikes, nature walks, wildlife viewing outings, or adventure excursions that take advantage of the club’s proximity to the stunning natural surroundings.

Private clubs like the Snake River Sporting Club typically provide a range of dining options to cater to the diverse preferences of their members. Here are some general categories of dining options you might find at such establishments:

  1. Clubhouse Dining: Many private clubs have a central clubhouse that offers dining facilities, providing a range of culinary options from casual to fine dining. This may include a main dining room, a bar and lounge area, and perhaps a terrace with scenic views.
  2. Specialty Restaurants: Some clubs feature specialty restaurants or themed dining experiences, providing members with diverse culinary choices. These could include a steakhouse, a seafood restaurant, or other specialty cuisines.
  3. Private Dining: Exclusive clubs often offer private dining spaces for members to host events or celebrations. This allows for a more intimate and personalized dining experience.
  4. Catering Services: Members may have access to catering services for private events, weddings, or special occasions. This could include custom menus tailored to the specific preferences of the hosts.

Snake River Sporting Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The Snake River Sporting Club maintains a refined yet relaxed atmosphere, balancing elegance with comfort and practicality for its members and guests. Here’s a breakdown of their dress code and guest policy:

Dress Code:

  • General: The attire should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the occasion. Jeans and t-shirts are acceptable for most casual activities like dining at the Canyon Bar, but not for upscale dining at the River Room.
  • Dining: For fine dining at the River Room, gentlemen are expected to wear slacks, a collared shirt, and a jacket (optional). Ladies should dress in a similar refined manner, such as a dress, skirt and blouse, or pantsuit.
  • Golf: Proper golf attire is required on the course, including collared shirts, slacks or dress shorts, and golf shoes. Denim and tank tops are not allowed.
  • Other Activities: For activities like horseback riding, hiking, or fishing, dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather and terrain. Jeans, hiking boots, and long-sleeved shirts are suitable options.

Guest Policy:

  • Guests are welcome: Members can bring guests to enjoy most of the club’s amenities, including dining, the pool, and some recreational activities.
  • Guest reservations required: Guests must be pre-registered with the club in advance by the member.
  • Guest fees apply: Guests may incur additional fees for certain amenities, such as golf or horseback riding.
  • Guest dress code: Guests are expected to adhere to the same dress code as members for the specific activity or area they are visiting.

Snake River Sporting Club stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of luxury living and outdoor adventure in the captivating landscapes of Jackson, Wyoming. With its championship golf course, premier fly fishing opportunities along the Snake River, and a commitment to environmental conservation, the club provides a haven for those seeking an unparalleled escape into nature. The meticulously designed facilities, diverse amenities, and a rich tapestry of events create a vibrant community where members can indulge in the finest experiences while surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Teton Range.

Whether participating in sporting tournaments, savoring exquisite dining options, or simply immersing oneself in the serene ambiance, the Snake River Sporting Club offers a unique lifestyle that seamlessly integrates with the breathtaking natural surroundings. Welcome to a world where luxury meets the untamed wilderness, inviting members to forge lasting memories and cultivate a deep connection with the extraordinary spirit of Jackson, Wyoming.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.