Bighorn Golf Club Palm Desert CA | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Bighorn Golf Club, located in Palm Desert, California, is a prestigious and exclusive golfing destination nestled in the picturesque Coachella Valley. With its lush green fairways, majestic mountain views, and world-class amenities, Bighorn Golf Club has earned a reputation as one of the finest golf clubs in the United States. Bighorn Golf Club provides its members and guests with a luxurious and unparalleled experience. The clubhouse boasts exquisite dining options, upscale amenities, and a relaxing ambiance, making it the perfect place to unwind after a round of golf. The club also offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools, and spa services, ensuring that members can enjoy a well-rounded and indulgent lifestyle.

Bighorn Golf Club has been a preferred destination for golf enthusiasts, celebrities, and discerning individuals seeking an extraordinary golfing experience. Its commitment to excellence in every aspect, from its pristine courses to its top-notch facilities, has solidified its status as one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Palm Desert and beyond.

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Bighorn Golf Club History and Founding

Bighorn Golf Club has a rich history that dates back to its founding in the late 1990s. The club was established by R.D. Hubbard, a successful businessman and philanthropist, who envisioned creating a world-class golfing destination in the stunning desert landscape of Palm Desert, California.

Hubbard, along with his son, Bill Hubbard, partnered with Tom Fazio, a renowned golf course architect, to design and develop the club’s first course, the Mountains Course. This challenging and visually stunning course opened in 1991 and quickly gained acclaim for its exceptional layout and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Inspired by the success of the Mountains Course, Hubbard and his team set out to create an even more exceptional golfing experience. They enlisted the expertise of Arthur Hills, another renowned golf course architect, to design the Canyons Course, which opened in 1998. With its dramatic elevation changes, strategically placed water features, and panoramic vistas, the Canyons Course further solidified Bighorn Golf Club’s reputation as a premier golfing destination.

Over the years, Bighorn Golf Club has continued to evolve and enhance its facilities. The club has invested in state-of-the-art amenities, luxurious clubhouses, and world-class services, ensuring that members and guests have an unforgettable experience both on and off the golf courses.

Today, Bighorn Golf Club stands as a symbol of excellence in the golfing world. It has hosted numerous professional tournaments, including the PGA Tour’s “Skins Game” and the LPGA’s “Samsung World Championship.” The club’s commitment to providing an unparalleled golfing experience, combined with its breathtaking natural surroundings, has made it a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts and luxury-seekers alike.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Bighorn Golf Club

Bighorn Golf Club has hosted several prestigious golf tournaments throughout its history. One of the most notable events held at Bighorn was the “Skins Game,” a highly anticipated exhibition match that featured some of the world’s top professional golfers.

The Skins Game was an annual event held from 1983 to 2008, showcasing a unique format where players competed for prize money on individual holes (“skins”). Bighorn Golf Club hosted the Skins Game on multiple occasions, providing a challenging and scenic backdrop for the tournament.

The tournament attracted legendary golfers such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Fred Couples, among others. The Skins Game at Bighorn became known for its exciting and competitive play, as well as the stunning desert vistas that added to the spectacle.

In addition to the Skins Game, Bighorn Golf Club has also hosted the LPGA’s “Samsung World Championship,” an elite tournament featuring the world’s top female golfers. This prestigious event brought together the best in women’s golf to compete in the club’s world-class courses.

These tournaments at Bighorn Golf Club showcased the club’s exceptional facilities, challenging course designs, and commitment to hosting top-tier golfing events. They added to the club’s reputation as a premier golf destination and solidified its status among the most prestigious golf clubs in the United States.

Bighorn Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

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As a private country club, the Bighorn Golf Club does not publicly disclose its membership costs and dues. However, it is known that membership at the club is by invitation only, and prospective members must be sponsored by a current member.

However, it is widely known that membership to the club is by invitation only and is limited to a select number of individuals and families. However, estimated initiation fees of approximately $5,000 – $100,000 and rumored annual fees of around $1,000 – $10,000, though these are merely speculation, of course, as the costs are kept private.

The club typically sets its membership fees and dues based on factors such as amenities offered, maintenance costs, and other operational considerations. These fees can vary widely depending on the type of membership (e.g., full golf, social), the initiation process, and any additional privileges or services included.

Bighorn Golf Club Amenities

Bighorn Golf Club offers a wide range of amenities and services to cater to the needs and desires of its members and guests. Here are some of the notable amenities available at Bighorn Golf Club:

  1. Golf Courses: Bighorn features two championship 18-hole golf courses designed by renowned architects Tom Fazio and Arthur Hills. The courses offer a challenging and visually stunning golfing experience, with well-maintained fairways, strategically placed hazards and breathtaking views of the surrounding desert and mountains.
  2. Clubhouse: The clubhouse at Bighorn Golf Club provides a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. It offers fine dining options, including gourmet restaurants and bars, where members can enjoy exquisite cuisine and socialize with fellow golfers.
  3. Fitness Center: Bighorn has a state-of-the-art fitness center equipped with modern exercise machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. Members can work out, receive personalized training sessions, and participate in group fitness classes.
  4. Tennis Facilities: The country club boasts well-maintained tennis courts for members who enjoy playing tennis. Whether it’s for a friendly game or competitive matches, the courts are available for use and offer a great way to stay active and socialize.
  5. Swimming Pools: Bighorn Golf Club features swimming pools where members can relax and enjoy the warm California weather. The pools are complemented by lounging areas, cabanas, and poolside services for ultimate relaxation.
  6. Spa and Wellness Services: Members can indulge in a range of spa treatments and wellness services, including massages, facials, and body treatments. These services provide a serene and rejuvenating experience to help members unwind and recharge.
  7. Social Events and Activities: Bighorn Golf Club hosts various social events, including holiday celebrations, themed parties, and member-exclusive gatherings. These events offer opportunities for members to connect, socialize, and foster a sense of community.

It’s worth noting that Bighorn Golf Club is committed to providing exceptional services and amenities, ensuring that members enjoy a luxurious and well-rounded experience both on and off the golf course.

Bighorn Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

Bighorn Golf Club offers a variety of events and dining options to enhance the overall experience for members and guests. Here is some information about the events and dining options at Bighorn Golf Club:


  1. Golf Tournaments: Bighorn Golf Club hosts various golf tournaments throughout the year, including member tournaments, charity events, and professional exhibitions. These tournaments provide opportunities for members to showcase their skills, compete in a friendly atmosphere, and support charitable causes.
  2. Social Events: The club organizes a range of social events to promote camaraderie and community among members. These events may include holiday celebrations, cocktail parties, wine tastings, themed dinners, and live entertainment. They offer opportunities for members to connect, socialize, and enjoy memorable experiences.
  3. Wellness and Fitness Events: Bighorn Golf Club also hosts wellness and fitness events to promote a healthy lifestyle among its members. These may include yoga sessions, fitness classes, wellness workshops, and seminars by experts in the field. These events contribute to the overall well-being of the members.

Dining Options:

  1. Gourmet Restaurants: Bighorn Golf Club features multiple gourmet restaurants offering a range of culinary delights. These restaurants provide a variety of dining experiences, from casual fare to fine dining. The menus are carefully crafted by talented chefs, focusing on fresh and high-quality ingredients to create exquisite dishes.
  2. Bars and Lounges: The club also offers bars and lounges where members can relax and enjoy a wide selection of beverages, including specialty cocktails, premium wines, and craft beers. These spaces provide a sophisticated and comfortable ambiance for socializing and unwinding.
  3. Private Dining: Bighorn Golf Club provides private dining options for special occasions, allowing members to host intimate gatherings, celebrations, or business meetings. The club’s culinary team can create customized menus and provide personalized service to ensure a memorable dining experience.

It’s important to note that specific event information, including dates, times, and details about dining options, may vary and change periodically. It’s recommended to contact Bighorn Golf Club directly or visit their website for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events and dining options.

Bighorn Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Bighorn Golf Club has a dress code in place to maintain a certain level of decorum and uphold the club’s standards. The dress code may vary depending on the specific area or occasion within the club. Here is a general overview of the dress code at Bighorn Golf Club:

On the Golf Course:

  1. Men typically wear collared shirts with sleeves. T-shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts are generally not permitted.
  2. Women typically wear appropriate golf attire, such as collared shirts, golf dresses, or golf-specific tops. Strapless tops and halter tops are generally not allowed.
  3. Both men and women usually wear tailored golf slacks, golf shorts, or golf skirts. Denim, cargo shorts, gym shorts, and cutoffs are usually not permitted.
  4. Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless shoes are typically required on the course. Metal spikes are usually not allowed.

In the Clubhouse and Dining Areas:

  1. The dress code in the clubhouse and dining areas tends to be more formal. Smart casual attire is often recommended.
  2. Men are typically required to wear collared shirts, dress slacks, and closed-toe shoes. T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and athletic wear are generally not allowed.
  3. Women are typically expected to wear dresses, skirts, slacks, blouses, or other appropriate smart casual attire. Tank tops, beachwear, and athletic wear are generally not permitted.

It’s important to note that specific dress code policies may be communicated by the club directly to members and guests. It’s advisable to check with the club or review any guidelines provided prior to visiting to ensure compliance with the dress code.

Guest Policy: Bighorn Golf Club often extends its hospitality to guests accompanied by members. However, guest policies and restrictions may vary. Generally, guests are required to be accompanied by a member and may be subject to guest fees or specific guest policies set by the club. It’s recommended to contact the club directly or consult with the member who is inviting the guest to understand the specific guest policy, availability, and any associated fees.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.