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The Bears Club Jupiter FL | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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Welcome to The Bears Club, a prestigious and exclusive haven nestled in the heart of Jupiter, Florida. This private golf and country club is renowned for its unparalleled luxury, world-class amenities, and an atmosphere of sophistication that appeals to the most discerning individuals. Situated amidst lush landscapes and championship golf courses, The Bears Club offers a lifestyle characterized by elegance, privacy, and a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. Join us as we explore this enclave of opulence and discover the exceptional experiences that await within The Bears Club in Jupiter, FL.

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The Bears Club History and Founding

The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida, stands as a testament to golfing excellence and exclusivity. Founded by one of golf’s greatest legends, Jack Nicklaus, this iconic club opened its doors in the early 2000s and quickly became a beacon for golf aficionados seeking the ultimate in luxury and championship-level golf.

Jack Nicklaus, the renowned golf course designer, created The Bears Club with a vision to provide a truly exceptional golfing experience. His deep love for the game is reflected in the meticulously crafted golf courses that grace the grounds of The Bears Club. The club boasts an 18-hole course and a par-3 course, both designed by Nicklaus himself, showcasing his commitment to excellence in golf course architecture.

The club’s name, “The Bears Club,” is a nod to Jack Nicklaus’ nickname, “The Golden Bear,” and serves as a tribute to his illustrious career and contribution to the sport of golf. With its lush landscapes, challenging fairways, and impeccable attention to detail, The Bears Club epitomizes the essence of golfing luxury and remains a sought-after destination for those who appreciate the game at its highest level.

Over the years, The Bears Club has become a haven for golf enthusiasts, celebrities, and those seeking an exclusive and refined lifestyle. With its rich history, visionary founder, and breathtaking courses, The Bears Club continues to stand as a true gem among Florida’s premier golf and country clubs.

The Bears Club Membership Costs and Dues

The estimated and rumored membership costs and dues for The Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Florida are as follows:

the bears club
  • Full Golf Membership: $90,000 initiation fee (80% refundable) and $25,000 annual dues.
  • Non-Resident Golf Membership: $70,000 initiation fee (80% refundable) and $15,000 annual dues.

These fees are subject to change, and the club does not publicly disclose its membership rates. However, these numbers are consistent with the fees of other exclusive golf clubs in the area.

In addition to the initiation fee and annual dues, members are also required to pay a one-time assessment of $10,000. This assessment is used to fund capital improvements to the club.

The Bear’s Club is a very exclusive club, and membership is by invitation only. The club has a waiting list of several years, and only a limited number of new memberships are granted each year.

Some of the notable members of The Bear’s Club include:

  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Gary Player
  • Rory McIlroy
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Justin Thomas
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Michael Jordan
  • Tiger Woods

The Bears Club Amenities

The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida, is renowned for its exceptional amenities and luxurious offerings, providing an exclusive and upscale experience for its members.

Here are some of the notable amenities and features that were associated with The Bears Club:

  1. Championship Golf Courses: The Bears Club features world-class golf facilities, including an 18-hole championship golf course and a par-3 course, both designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The courses are meticulously maintained and offer challenging play amid beautiful natural surroundings.
  2. Clubhouse: The clubhouse at The Bears Club is an elegant and inviting space where members can relax, dine, and socialize. It often includes fine dining options, bars, lounges, and private event spaces.
  3. Luxurious Spa and Wellness Center: Many upscale clubs offer spa and wellness facilities, and The Bears Club is no exception. Members can enjoy spa treatments, fitness centers, and various wellness programs to enhance their overall well-being.
  4. Swimming Pool: A beautiful swimming pool area is often a staple of exclusive clubs like The Bears Club, providing a serene environment for relaxation and recreation.
  5. Tennis Facilities: Tennis enthusiasts can typically enjoy top-notch tennis facilities with well-maintained courts and professional coaching services.
  6. Dining and Social Events: Exclusive country clubs often host a variety of dining options, from casual to fine dining, as well as social events, such as wine tastings, themed parties, and holiday celebrations.
  7. Private Event Spaces: The Bears Club may offer private event spaces for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions, often with stunning views and elegant decor.
  8. Locker Rooms and Member Services: Upscale locker rooms and attentive member services are common features of exclusive clubs, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for members.
  9. Golf Pro Shop: A pro shop typically offers golf equipment, apparel, and accessories, as well as services such as club fitting and lessons.
  10. Practice Facilities: Members can hone their golf skills at practice facilities that may include driving ranges, putting greens, and short game areas.
  11. Concierge Services: Many exclusive clubs provide concierge services to assist members with various requests and reservations.

The Bears Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida, is known for its exceptional dining options and occasional special events.

Here is an overview of what you might expect regarding event information and dining options at The Bears Club:

Dining Options:

  1. Fine Dining: The Bears Club typically offers fine dining experiences in an elegant setting within the clubhouse. Members can expect a menu featuring gourmet cuisine prepared by skilled chefs. The menu often includes a range of culinary delights, including seafood, steaks, and other delectable dishes.
  2. Casual Dining: In addition to fine dining, The Bears Club may have more relaxed, casual dining options. These could include a bar and grill where members can enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere, perhaps with a view of the golf course.
  3. Private Dining: Private dining rooms and event spaces are often available for members who wish to host special occasions or private events at the club. These spaces are typically well-appointed and can accommodate a variety of gatherings.


  1. Golf Tournaments: The Bears Club may host various golf tournaments and events throughout the year, including member-only competitions and charity tournaments.
  2. Social Events: Exclusive clubs like The Bears Club often organize a range of social events for their members. These could include wine tastings, themed parties, holiday celebrations, and more.
  3. Special Occasions: Members can often celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings at The Bears Club. The club may offer event planning services to assist members in creating memorable gatherings.
  4. Holiday Celebrations: Expect festive holiday events and celebrations, where members can come together to mark holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more.
  5. Golf Clinics and Workshops: The club may offer golf clinics and workshops led by experienced golf professionals, providing an opportunity for members to improve their golf skills.
  6. Charity Events: Many private clubs are involved in charitable activities, and The Bears Club may host charity events and fundraisers to support local causes and organizations.

The Bears Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The Bears Club, like many private golf and country clubs, typically maintains a dress code and guest policy to ensure a certain level of decorum and maintain the club’s atmosphere of exclusivity and respect for its members.

Here is a general overview of what you might expect regarding The Bears Club’s dress code and guest policy:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Course: The dress code on the golf course typically emphasizes traditional golf attire. This may include collared shirts for men, tailored golf shorts or slacks, golf skirts or slacks for women, and golf-appropriate footwear. Metal spikes are usually prohibited, and soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes are often required.
  2. Clubhouse: The clubhouse usually enforces a more formal dress code compared to the golf course. Smart casual or business casual attire is often expected. T-shirts, tank tops, torn or frayed clothing, and flip-flops are usually discouraged or prohibited. Jackets and ties may be required in specific dining areas for men.
  3. Swimming Pool: At the pool area, members and guests may be required to wear appropriate swimwear, and cover-ups might be necessary when transitioning between the pool and other club facilities.
  4. Special Events: For special events, such as fine dining evenings or private functions, a more formal dress code may be enforced. Members and guests may be expected to dress in cocktail attire or formal wear, depending on the event.

Guest Policy:

  1. Guests: Private clubs often allow members to bring guests to the club. However, the club may have restrictions on the number of times a guest can visit in a given time period and may charge guest fees.
  2. Registration: Members are typically required to register their guests in advance or upon arrival at the club. This allows the club to monitor guest usage and ensure a pleasant experience for all members.
  3. Accompaniment: In many cases, members are required to accompany their guests while they are on the club’s premises. The guest policy may also specify which areas of the club guests are allowed to access.
  4. Guest Fees: Private clubs may charge guest fees or guest dues for using club facilities. These fees can vary depending on the club’s policies.

The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida, stands as a testament to luxury, exclusivity, and the pursuit of golfing excellence. Founded by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and named in honor of his nickname, “The Golden Bear,” this private golf and country club offers a world-class golfing experience on meticulously designed courses. With its elegant clubhouse, exceptional dining options, and an array of amenities, The Bears Club provides its members with an unparalleled lifestyle in an inviting and sophisticated setting. While specific details may evolve over time, The Bears Club remains a symbol of opulence, quality, and a deep appreciation for the game of golf.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

Is there information in this article that’s inaccurate or out-of-date? Please contact us and let us know.

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