The Waterfront Country Club Moneta VA | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Nestled along the picturesque shores of Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia, The Waterfront Country Club beckons you to experience a world of leisure and luxury like no other. This idyllic haven offers a unique blend of Southern charm and recreational excellence, making it the perfect destination for those seeking an unparalleled escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

With its stunning lakeside setting, world-class amenities, and a warm, welcoming community, The Waterfront Country Club is the embodiment of lakeside living at its finest. Come and discover a hidden gem in the heart of Virginia, where relaxation, recreation, and unforgettable moments unite to create an exceptional lifestyle.

The Waterfront Country Club History and Founding

The Waterfront Country Club in Moneta, Virginia, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in the early 1980s. The club was meticulously designed by renowned architect Edmund B. Ault, whose expertise in creating exceptional golf courses is evident in the layout and aesthetics of the club.

Edmund B. Ault was a highly respected architect known for his work on several prestigious golf courses across the United States. His vision for The Waterfront Country Club was to seamlessly integrate the stunning natural beauty of Smith Mountain Lake with a world-class golf course, resulting in a harmonious blend of man-made and natural elements.

The club quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional golf facilities, waterfront amenities, and warm, welcoming community. Over the years, The Waterfront Country Club has evolved into a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, boaters, and those seeking a luxurious lakeside retreat. Its rich history and commitment to maintaining Edmund B. Ault’s architectural vision make it a timeless gem on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake.

Famous Golf Tournament held at The Waterfront Country Club

There have been no famous golf tournaments held at The Waterfront Country Club in Moneta, Virginia.

The Waterfront Country Club is a private golf club and has hosted a few smaller tournaments, such as the 1988 Virginia State Golf Association Four (4) Ball Championship and the upcoming 2024 Virginia State Golf Association Junior Match Play Championship. However, it has not yet hosted any major golf tournaments.

The most famous golf tournaments in the world are the four majors: The Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. These tournaments are held at different courses each year, but they have never been held at The Waterfront Country Club.

It is possible that The Waterfront Country Club could host a major golf tournament in the future. The course is challenging and well-maintained, and it is located in a beautiful setting. However, it is more likely that a major golf tournament would be held at a larger, more well-known course.

The Waterfront Country Club Membership Costs and Dues

The Waterfront Country Club in Moneta, Virginia is a private club with a limited number of memberships available. The membership costs and dues are not publicly disclosed, but there are some estimates and rumors available online.

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According to a recent article in the Smith Mountain Lake Times, the initiation fee for a Waterfront Country Club membership is estimated to be around $50,000. Monthly dues are estimated to be around $1,000, and annual dues are estimated to be around $12,000.

However, there are also some rumors that the initiation fee is actually closer to $75,000 and that monthly and annual dues are also slightly higher. These rumors are unsubstantiated, but they suggest that the Waterfront Country Club is a very expensive club to join.

It is important to note that these are just estimates and rumors. The actual membership costs and dues for the Waterfront Country Club may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of membership you apply for and the current waitlist.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the Waterfront Country Club membership costs:

The initiation fee is typically paid upfront when you join the club.

The monthly dues are paid on a monthly basis and cover the cost of maintaining the club and its facilities.

There may be additional fees associated with certain amenities or activities, such as golf green fees, tennis court fees, or fitness center usage fees.

Some employers may offer to help their employees pay for the initiation fee and monthly dues to the Waterfront Country Club as a benefit.

Overall, the Waterfront Country Club is a prestigious club with a variety of amenities and activities to offer its members. However, the initiation fee and monthly dues are relatively high. It is important to carefully consider your budget and needs before deciding whether or not to join the club.

The Waterfront Country Club Amenities

The Waterfront Country Club in Moneta, Virginia, offers a range of amenities and facilities to cater to the diverse interests and preferences of its members.

Here are some of the amenities and facilities commonly associated with country clubs like The Waterfront:

Golf Course: The club features a championship golf course designed by architect Edmund B. Ault, providing a scenic and challenging experience for golf enthusiasts.

Clubhouse: A central hub for socializing, dining, and events. Clubhouses often include dining rooms, lounges, and banquet facilities.

Dining: Fine dining and casual dining options are typically available, offering a variety of culinary experiences.

Tennis Courts: Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy well-maintained courts for both recreational and competitive play.

Swimming Pool: Many country clubs have swimming facilities, which can include both lap pools and leisure pools.

Fitness Center: A fitness center with modern equipment for members who want to stay active and healthy.

Marina and Water Activities: Given its lakeside location, The Waterfront Country Club may offer access to a marina, boating facilities, and water-based activities on Smith Mountain Lake.

Social Events: Country clubs often host a variety of social events, including themed parties, holiday celebrations, and more.

Private Event Spaces: Facilities for hosting weddings, corporate meetings, and special occasions.

Golf Pro Shop: A shop providing golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Fitness Classes: Some clubs offer group fitness classes or personal training services.

Junior Programs: Clubs may offer programs and activities for children and teenagers.

The Waterfront Country Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Waterfront Country Club, like many country clubs, offers a variety of events and celebrations for its members and guests. While the specific events can vary from year to year, here are some common types of events that you might be able to celebrate at The Waterfront Country Club:

Golf Tournaments: The club may host various golf tournaments, including member-guest events, club championships, and charity tournaments. These provide opportunities for golf enthusiasts to compete and enjoy the camaraderie of the game.

Holiday Celebrations: The club often hosts special events and themed parties for holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These events may include festive dinners, dances, and entertainment.

Themed Parties: Throughout the year, The Waterfront may organize themed parties and social gatherings. These can range from costume parties and masquerade balls to retro dance nights, providing a fun and social atmosphere for members.

Family Events: For families, the club may offer family-oriented events like summer barbecues, family fun days, and children’s parties. These events can create a sense of community and inclusiveness.

Special Occasions: The Waterfront Country Club may provide event spaces and services for celebrating special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and retirement parties. These events often come with catering and event planning services.

Member Mixers: These casual events provide an opportunity for members to meet and socialize with one another, fostering a sense of community and friendship.

Charity Events: The club may host charity fundraisers, benefit dinners, and events to support local causes and organizations. These events combine socializing with philanthropy.

Concerts and Entertainment: Depending on the club’s amenities and facilities, they may bring in live music and entertainment for members to enjoy.

Junior Programs: The Waterfront Country Club may offer junior golf programs, kids’ summer camps, and activities for children and teenagers, promoting family engagement and youth development.

Wine Tastings and Culinary Events: Some country clubs feature wine tastings, cooking classes, and culinary events, which can be a treat for food and wine enthusiasts.

Dining options at The Waterfront Country Club typically cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. While the specific dining offerings can change, here are some common dining options you might find at The Waterfront Country Club:

Fine Dining: The club’s main dining room often provides an upscale and elegant atmosphere for formal dining experiences. The menu typically features a range of gourmet dishes and may include options like steaks, seafood, and chef’s specials. Fine dining is often reserved for special occasions or more formal evenings.

Casual Dining: Casual dining options are usually available for members and guests seeking a more relaxed and family-friendly setting. These dining areas often feature a diverse menu with items like sandwiches, salads, and comfort food classics.

Bar and Lounge: Many country clubs have a bar or lounge area where members can enjoy cocktails, beverages, and light snacks in a relaxed and comfortable environment. This space may also feature a bar menu with appetizers and pub-style food.

Outdoor Dining: Given its likely lakeside location, The Waterfront Country Club might offer outdoor dining options. Outdoor dining areas often provide scenic views of the lake and are perfect for enjoying the outdoors while dining.

Private Dining: The club may offer private dining rooms or banquet facilities for special events, meetings, or private gatherings. These spaces are ideal for hosting celebrations, corporate meetings, or intimate dinners.

Brunch: Some country clubs host brunch events on weekends or special occasions. Brunch menus may include a combination of breakfast and lunch items, including omelets, pastries, salads, and more.

Themed Dining Events: The club may organize themed dining events throughout the year. These can include wine dinners, holiday feasts, and culinary-themed evenings with unique menus.

Children’s Menu: Family-friendly clubs often have children’s menus with kid-friendly options like chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and mini hamburgers.

Specialty Menus: The Waterfront Country Club may feature specialty menus based on seasonal or regional influences. These menus can showcase local or seasonal ingredients and culinary creativity.

The Waterfront Country Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Country clubs like The Waterfront Country Club often have specific dress codes and guest policies to maintain a certain level of decorum and ensure a pleasant and respectful atmosphere for all members and visitors.

Here’s a general guideline for what you might expect regarding dress code and guest policies:

Dress Code:

Golf Course: Proper golf attire is typically required on the golf course. This usually means collared shirts, golf slacks or shorts, and golf-appropriate footwear. Denim, gym wear, and cargo shorts are often not allowed on the golf course.

Clubhouse: In the main clubhouse, dress codes are often more formal. Smart casual or business casual attire is usually the standard. This means collared shirts, slacks, and closed-toe shoes for men, and dresses, skirts, slacks, and blouses for women. Denim and athletic wear are generally discouraged.

Pool Area: Swimming attire, such as swimsuits, cover-ups, and flip-flops, is typically acceptable in pool areas. However, the club may have rules about appropriate cover-ups when entering or leaving the pool area.

Special Events: Dress codes for special events, fine dining, or themed parties may be more specific, and formal wear might be required. The club will typically notify members and guests of any dress code expectations for such events.

Guest Policy:

Member Privileges: Country clubs often give priority to members, and guests are typically considered the invited guests of members. Members typically need to accompany their guests at the club.

Limit on Guests: Clubs may have limits on the number of guests a member can bring or restrictions on the frequency of guest visits.

Reservations: It’s usually advisable to make reservations when bringing guests to ensure availability and proper service.

Check-in: Guests often need to check in with the club’s staff or pro shop upon arrival and may be required to sign in.

Fees: Some clubs charge guest fees, which may vary based on the guest’s activities (e.g., golf, dining, use of facilities).

Behavior Expectations: Guests are typically expected to adhere to the same rules and decorum as members. Members are often responsible for ensuring their guests follow club policies.

The Waterfront Country Club in Moneta, Virginia, stands as an inviting haven for those seeking a blend of leisure, community, and recreational excellence. With its championship golf course, scenic lakeside location, and a range of amenities, it offers an exceptional lifestyle for its members and guests. The club’s commitment to maintaining high standards in dining, and events, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere ensures an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

To explore the timeless charm of lakeside living, look no further than The Waterfront Country Club, where relaxation, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments come together to create a unique and cherished way of life.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.