Sewickley Heights Golf Club Sewickley PA | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, the Sewickley Heights Golf Club stands as a sanctuary for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This pristine golfing haven, founded in 1962, offers an exclusive and idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its meticulously manicured fairways, challenging course design, and a rich history dating back generations, Sewickley Heights Golf Club is a beacon of golfing excellence in the heart of Western Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice golfer seeking a tranquil escape, this club’s lush green fairways and breathtaking vistas promise an unforgettable golfing experience. Join us as we explore this distinguished club and all it has to offer in the beautiful town of Sewickley.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club History and Founding

Sewickley Heights Golf Club, located in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1962. This exclusive and private golf club was the brainchild of several local golf enthusiasts who sought to create a sanctuary for the sport in the region. The club’s founders, inspired by their love for golf and the desire to provide a high-quality golfing experience, selected the idyllic Sewickley Heights area to establish their dream club.

The golf course at Sewickley Heights Golf Club was designed by the renowned golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast. Tillinghast is celebrated for his influential contributions to golf course design and is responsible for designing several iconic courses, including the famous Winged Foot Golf Club in New York. His work at Sewickley Heights Golf Club reflects his commitment to creating a challenging yet scenic layout that harmonizes with the natural surroundings.

Throughout its history, Sewickley Heights Golf Club has maintained its commitment to excellence in golfing while preserving the beauty of the landscape. This dedication to preserving the club’s heritage and Tillinghast’s vision has made it a cherished destination for golf enthusiasts, offering not only a challenging course but also a sense of tradition and timeless elegance in the heart of Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Sewickley Heights Golf Club

The most famous golf tournament held at Sewickley Heights Golf Club in Sewickley, PA is the U.S. Women’s Amateur. The club hosted the tournament in 1966, just five years after it opened. The final match that year lasted 41 holes, the longest in the tournament’s history. It was won by JoAnne “Big Mama” Gunderson-Carner.

The U.S. Women’s Amateur is one of the most prestigious amateur golf tournaments in the world. It is conducted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and is open to female amateur golfers from all over the world. The tournament is typically held in mid-August and consists of six rounds of stroke play followed by match play.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club is a private club that is known for its challenging golf course and its beautiful scenery. The course was designed by Jim Harrison and his son-in-law Fred Garbin, and it features narrow fairways, undulating greens, and strategically placed bunkers.

In addition to the U.S. Women’s Amateur, Sewickley Heights Golf Club has also hosted the Champion’s Pittsburgh Senior Classic in 1998. This tournament was part of the Champions Tour, which is now known as the PGA Tour Champions. The Champions Tour is a professional golf tour for men over the age of 50.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club is a prestigious golf club that has hosted some of the biggest names in the game. It is a challenging and beautiful course that is sure to test the skills of any golfer.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

Estimated and rumored membership costs and dues for Sewickley Heights Golf Club in Sewickley, PA:

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  • Initiation fee: $10,000 (resident golf member)
  • Annual dues: $8,544 (golf member)
  • Additional fees:
    • Outside operations: $350 (family), $300 (individual)
    • Locker and shoe service: $235-$265 (men), $175-$205 (women), $150 (intermediate)
    • WPGA: $35 per GHIN handicap (primary member is mandatory)

It is important to note that these are just estimates and rumors, and the actual membership costs and dues may vary.

Here are some additional details about the membership types at Sewickley Heights Golf Club:

  • Resident golf member: This membership type includes full access to the golf course, practice facilities, dining, clubhouse, and all socially related events and activities.
  • House member: This membership type does not include golf privileges, but it does include full access to the dining, clubhouse, and all socially related events and activities.
  • Non-resident golf member: This membership type includes full access to all club facilities and amenities, except that members may not reside within 100 air miles of the clubhouse for more than 60 days during the months of May through September. Non-resident golf members are also limited to fifteen rounds of golf per year.
  • Legacy junior member: This membership type is available to unmarried children between the ages of 22 and 25 of active or intermediate members maintaining a residence with that member. Legacy junior members may bring guests, but applicable fees apply.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club Amenities

The Sewickley Heights Golf Club is known for offering a range of amenities and services to its members.

Here are some of the typical amenities and services you might find at the Sewickley Heights Golf Club:

  1. Championship Golf Course: The centerpiece of the club is its championship golf course designed by renowned architect A.W. Tillinghast. The course provides members with a challenging and scenic golfing experience.
  2. Practice Facilities: Many golf clubs offer practice areas, including putting greens, driving ranges, and practice bunkers, to help members improve their skills.
  3. Clubhouse: The clubhouse is often the social hub of the club, featuring dining facilities, a bar, and a place for members to relax and socialize. Fine dining and casual dining options are typically available.
  4. Pro Shop: A pro shop offers golf equipment, apparel, and accessories. Members can purchase golf gear and attire, as well as get advice from golf professionals.
  5. Golf Instruction: Golf clubs often have teaching professionals on staff to provide golf lessons and clinics to help members enhance their game.
  6. Tennis Courts: Some country clubs, including Sewickley Heights, may have tennis courts for members who enjoy tennis in addition to golf.
  7. Swimming Pool: A swimming pool is a common amenity at some golf clubs, offering a place for members and their families to cool off during the summer months.
  8. Social Events: Many private clubs host social events, including special dinners, holiday celebrations, and gatherings, fostering a sense of community among members.
  9. Private Events: The club may offer facilities for hosting private events, such as weddings, parties, and corporate functions.
  10. Locker Rooms: Private locker rooms provide members with a place to store their golf and personal items.
  11. Fitness Facilities: Some clubs have fitness centers or workout areas for members who want to stay active off the golf course.
  12. Caddie Services: Caddies may be available to assist members during their rounds.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

Sewickley Heights Golf Club provides an elegant and scenic setting for a variety of events and celebrations.

Here are some common occasions and events that members and guests often celebrate at such a club:

  1. Weddings: Sewickley Heights Golf Club is a popular venue for weddings due to its beautiful surroundings, customizable event spaces, and experienced staff to assist with planning and execution.
  2. Anniversaries: Celebrate milestone anniversaries with a romantic dinner or a larger gathering with family and friends in the club’s private dining rooms.
  3. Corporate Meetings and Events: The club provides a professional and elegant backdrop for corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, and team-building events.
  4. Golf Tournaments: Members and guests can organize and participate in various golf tournaments, from casual charity events to competitive championships.
  5. Private Parties: Whether it’s a birthday, retirement, or any other special occasion, you can host private parties with a personalized touch at the club.
  6. Holiday Celebrations: Enjoy festive holiday dinners and parties with family, friends, or colleagues during various holidays throughout the year.
  7. Wine Tastings: The club may organize wine-tasting events for members and guests to explore different wines and enhance their culinary experiences.
  8. Themed Dinners: Themed dinners, such as Italian nights or seafood extravaganzas, provide an opportunity for members to savor unique culinary experiences.
  9. Charity and Fundraising Events: Many clubs host charity and fundraising events to support local causes and nonprofit organizations.
  10. Casual Gatherings: Sometimes, members simply want to enjoy a casual meal or drink with friends after a round of golf or as part of their regular social activities.
  11. Summer Barbecues and Picnics: Outdoor events like barbecues and picnics are often held during the warmer months and are great for family and community gatherings.
  12. Social Mixers: Clubs frequently host social mixers, where members can meet and interact with others who share their interests.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club typically offers a range of dining options to cater to its members and guests. These dining options often include:

  1. Clubhouse Dining: The club’s clubhouse usually features a formal dining room where members can enjoy gourmet meals in an elegant and refined setting. This dining room is typically ideal for special occasions, romantic dinners, or more formal gatherings.
  2. Casual Dining: In addition to the formal dining room, the clubhouse often includes a more relaxed and casual dining area. This space is perfect for members seeking a more laid-back atmosphere for lunches, casual dinners, or a quick bite after a round of golf.
  3. Bar and Lounge: The club typically maintains a bar and lounge area where members can unwind, enjoy a cocktail, and socialize with fellow members. It’s often a popular spot for post-golf relaxation.
  4. Private Dining Rooms: Sewickley Heights Golf Club may offer private dining rooms for members who wish to host special events, private parties, or business meetings. These rooms provide an intimate setting for gatherings.
  5. Outdoor Dining: When the weather is pleasant, the club may provide outdoor dining options, allowing members to dine on patios or terraces while taking in the scenic views of the golf course and surroundings.
  6. Catering Services: For events hosted at the club or off-site, catering services are typically available. This includes the preparation and service of meals and refreshments for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.
  7. Special Dining Events: The club may host special dining events throughout the year, such as themed dinners (e.g., Italian night, seafood night), wine-tasting events, and holiday-specific dining experiences.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Dress codes and guest policies at golf clubs like Sewickley Heights Golf Club are typically in place to maintain a certain level of decorum, ensure a pleasant experience for all members and guests, and preserve the traditions of the club.

Here’s a general overview of what you might expect:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Attire: Proper golf attire is usually required on the golf course. This typically includes collared shirts, golf slacks or shorts, and golf-specific shoes. Some clubs may have specific requirements for acceptable golf attire.
  2. Footwear: Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes are typically required on the golf course to help maintain course conditions.
  3. Clubhouse Attire: The clubhouse often has its own dress code, which may vary from the golf course attire. Clubhouse dress codes usually require more formal or business-casual clothing, such as collared shirts, slacks, dresses, and appropriate footwear. Denim, t-shirts, and flip-flops may be prohibited in the clubhouse.
  4. Hats: Many clubs have rules regarding the direction in which hats must be worn on the golf course, and they may need to be removed in the clubhouse.
  5. Swimwear: If there’s a swimming pool at the club, swimwear is typically only allowed in the pool area and not in other club facilities.
  6. Event-Specific Attire: Special events, such as formal dinners or themed parties, may have specific dress code requirements. Members and guests are expected to adhere to these requirements during such events.

Guest Policy:

  1. Invitation: Guests are usually allowed to play golf at the club but must be accompanied by a member. Typically, a member must extend an invitation for a guest to play. The number of guests a member can bring may be limited, and the same guest may have restrictions on how often they can play.
  2. Registration: Guests often need to be registered with the club before playing. This allows the club to keep track of guest rounds and ensure that guests adhere to the club’s policies.
  3. Guest Fees: Clubs may charge a guest fee or greens fee for non-members playing the course.
  4. Courtesy and Behavior: Guests are typically expected to conduct themselves according to the club’s rules and etiquette. It’s the responsibility of the member to ensure their guests follow the club’s policies.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club, nestled in the serene landscape of Sewickley, Pennsylvania, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of golf. With a storied history dating back to its founding in 1962, this private club offers more than just a pristine golf course designed by the renowned A.W. Tillinghast. It provides a place where members can celebrate life’s most cherished moments, from weddings and anniversaries to golf tournaments and social gatherings.

Sewickley Heights Golf Club exemplifies a commitment to excellence in both golf and hospitality, offering an unforgettable experience for its members and guests. As a sanctuary of tradition, beauty, and camaraderie, this club continues to be a cherished gem in the heart of Western Pennsylvania.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.