Augusta National Golf Club | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Augusta National Golf Club Logo

Augusta National Golf Club is no ordinary golf club, it’s an institution and home to the world-renowned golf tournament, the Masters. It first began its historic journey on a 365-acre nursery plantation called Fruitland and later was beautifully transformed into one of the most famous and exclusive clubs in North America.

Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie envisioned and designed this renowned 18-hole championship course, finally opening for play in 1932. Hosting the Masters Tournament since 1934, it has consistently been recognized as one of the world’s top-ranked golf clubs year after year. It is without a doubt the most famous and one of the best country clubs in Georgia. In an effort for more gender-equal playing grounds, the club has recently co-hosted the Augusta National Women’s Amateur with Champions Retreat Golf Club since 2019—a sign of commitment to both tradition and progress.

This stunning course is known for its incredible views and lush fairways, which are lined with trees like pines, magnolias, and dogwoods. It also features iconic landmarks such as Eisenhower Tree on the 17th hole and Hogan’s Bridge on the 12th hole. The club is a private one but has welcomed some selected guests over the years including presidents and dignitaries from around the world.

Augusta National Golf Club Membership Cost

It’s well-known that the Augusta National Golf Club is very “hush-hush” about its membership information. The club does not promote its membership fees, any form of members list, or information on how to become a member. As one of the world’s most exclusive golf clubs, all we know is that the club allows very few new members, and membership is strictly invitational; you can’t simply apply to join the club. However, it is known that there are roughly 300 members at any given time.

All of this exclusivity comes at a price, though the Club is very tight-lipped about the exact number of that price. However, it’s estimated that annual fees are upwards of $40,000, though that doesn’t include the unknown initiation fee. Any lucky golf enthusiast invited to join has no problem accepting the hefty Augusta National Golf Club membership cost. And while, now, the Club invites all sorts of people, it wasn’t until 2012 that women were allowed to join this prestigious organization.

Augusta National Golf Club Amenities

Augusta National Golf Club offers a first-class experience, from the well-maintained and immaculate greens to the impressive amenities within its grounds. For starters, the iconic Butler Cabin, located near the 18th hole, is where tournament winners are presented with their coveted green jacket.

Additionally, there are three large cabins on the property that are reserved for tournament sponsors. To top it off, Augusta National also houses an on-site press building which includes television studios, complimentary restaurant and snack options, as well as staffed bathrooms with leather chairs. And not to mention cameras on the course are directly connected to the press building’s studios via underground cables for seamless updates throughout the day.

The Augusta National Golf Club is known for its prestige and luxurious amenities, but nothing quite matches the splendor of Berckman’s Place. This 90,000-square-foot, non-public shopping and dining complex is open only one week each year during the Masters when guests have access to many exclusive activities and services.

If you’re willing to shell out the hefty fee ($10,000 for the week + the approval from the Club) then you can savor a wonderful dining experience with five full-service restaurants, enjoy an attended bathroom stall or browse the top-of-the-line pro shop. You can also spend some time at the four putting greens or test your skills on three smaller replicas of holes 7, 14, and 16 around their composite course before heading to your special private parking lot and entryway.

And let’s not forget the actual grounds themselves! Built on a former nursery, this incredible course is quite a sight to behold. True to its origin, each hole is named after the tree or shrub it’s associated with. For example, the Augusta National Golf Course 13th hole is titled Azalea, Hole 3 is Flowering Peach, while Hole 18 is called Holly.

Flexible underground irrigation and ventilation systems—SubAir System—ensures that the greens stay soft yet fast, providing optimal conditions for skilled golfers. And these greens are definitely one-of-a-kind; instead of sand bunkers, they are filled with granulated quartz! With such care taken to maintain Augusta National’s beauty and integrity, it’s no wonder why it holds such reverence in golf culture.

Augusta National Golf Club Visitor’s Guide

A visit to the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club is a privilege, but rare. The public is not allowed to simply walk in and tour the clubhouse or wander the grounds. Entrance is strictly permitted to members and their guests. As a guest of an Augusta National member, it’s important to understand and respect their rules and guidelines.

The use of cell phones or tablets is limited to medical emergencies, with special phone booths, privately reserved rooms, locker rooms, and parking lots designated for all other calls. Additionally, a no-tipping policy applies, and guests are expected to be accompanied by club members at all times. For an optimal experience, valet parking can also be accessed at the clubhouse entrance. Plenty of rules, but if you follow them, you’re sure to have an enjoyable trip!

The exclusive Green Jackets awarded to tournament winners and members (for a small fee, of course), featuring the Club’s logo are a unique aspect of the dress code. These jackets are highly coveted but are not to leave the Club’s premises. Members are to show up in their own jackets and find their Green Jacket pressed and ready to wear in their private locker room. When finished golfing, the jackets are returned to their lockers and left for cleaning.

The Augusta National Golf Club is a prestigious and luxurious golf facility that offers unmatched amenities, unparalleled service, and an incredible atmosphere. From the SubAir System to their private Green Jacket policy for members, this club truly has something special in store for every golfer who steps foot on its grounds. Whether you’re a member or just visiting as someone’s guest, if you respect the rules of the course and are ready for the challenges of the difficult greens, then there’s no doubt that your experience at Augusta National will be one filled with unforgettable memories!

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.