Knollwood Club Lake Forest IL | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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The Knollwood Club is a private country club located in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States. It was founded in 1924 and has a rich history of hosting professional golf tournaments, including the 1933 U.S. Open, the 1949 Western Open, and the 1975 Walker Cup. The Knollwood Club is known for its beautiful and challenging golf course, as well as its commitment to providing exceptional service and amenities to its members.

Knollwood Club History and Founding

The Knollwood Club was founded in 1924 by a group of businessmen from the Chicago area who shared a passion for golf. They purchased a 250-acre parcel of land in Lake Forest, Illinois, which was then developed into a world-class golf course by renowned golf course architect Seth Raynor.

The club was named after the surrounding area, which was known as Knollwood at the time. The name “Knollwood” was chosen because the club’s founders believed it represented the natural beauty of the area, with its rolling hills and dense forests.

In its early years, the club was known for its exceptional golf course and its commitment to hosting professional golf tournaments. The club hosted the 1933 U.S. Open, which was won by Johnny Goodman, as well as the 1949 Western Open, which was won by Sam Snead. The club also hosted the 1975 Walker Cup, which is a biennial amateur team golf competition between the United States and Great Britain, and Ireland.

Over the years, the Knollwood Club has continued to be a premier golfing destination, attracting golfers from around the world. The club has also expanded its offerings to include a wide range of amenities and activities, making it a popular destination for families as well as golfers.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Knollwood Club

The Knollwood Club has hosted several famous golf tournaments throughout its history. Here are a few of the most notable ones:

  1. 1933 U.S. Open: The Knollwood Club hosted the 1933 U.S. Open, which was won by Johnny Goodman. This was the first major championship won by an amateur golfer in 16 years, and it helped to cement the Knollwood Club’s reputation as a premier golfing destination.
  2. 1949 Western Open: The Knollwood Club hosted the 1949 Western Open, which was won by legendary golfer Sam Snead. Snead won the tournament by one stroke over Johnny Palmer and E.J. “Dutch” Harrison.
  3. 1975 Walker Cup: The Knollwood Club hosted the 1975 Walker Cup, which is a biennial amateur team golf competition between the United States and Great Britain, and Ireland. The U.S. team, which included future PGA Tour star Curtis Strange, won the tournament by a score of 13-11.
  4. Other Tournaments: In addition to these famous tournaments, the Knollwood Club has hosted several other notable golf events over the years, including the Women’s Western Open and the Western Amateur Championship. The club continues to be a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels.

Knollwood Club Membership Costs and Dues

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As a private country club, the Knollwood Club does not typically disclose its membership costs and dues publicly. However, based on information from other similar private clubs in the area. However, it is estimated that the initiation fee to join the club could range from $50,000 to $200,000, with rumored monthly dues in the range of $10,000 and more.

It’s important to note that these are only estimates and the actual cost to join and maintain membership at Knollwood Club may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as membership type, age, and location.

Knollwood Club Amenities

The Knollwood Club offers a wide range of amenities to its members, including:

  1. Golf: The club has a championship golf course designed by Seth Raynor and updated by renowned golf course architects Coore and Crenshaw. The course features challenging holes, beautiful scenery, and excellent playing conditions.
  2. Tennis: The country club has 12 outdoor tennis courts and four indoor courts, including two heated courts. The club offers private lessons, clinics, and tournaments for players of all levels.
  3. Swimming: The club has a large outdoor swimming pool with plenty of space for lounging and sunbathing. The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and offers swimming lessons, a swim teams, and other aquatic activities.
  4. Dining: The club offers several dining options, including a formal dining room, a casual grill room, and an outdoor patio. The club also hosts special events and themed dinners throughout the year.
  5. Fitness: The club has a fitness center with cardio and weight training equipment, as well as personal trainers and fitness classes.
  6. Youth Activities: The club offers a variety of youth activities, including junior golf and tennis programs, swimming lessons, and summer camps.
  7. Social Events: The club hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including holiday parties, wine tastings, and live entertainment.

Overall, the Knollwood Club offers a range of amenities and activities for its members, making it a popular destination for families and individuals who enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, and other recreational pursuits.

Knollwood Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Knollwood Club offers a variety of event spaces and dining options for members and guests. Here are some details:

  1. Event Spaces: The club has several event spaces, including a grand ballroom, a smaller banquet room, and a terrace overlooking the golf course. These spaces can accommodate a variety of events, from weddings and corporate events to smaller gatherings and meetings.
  2. Catering: The club offers full-service catering for events, with a range of menus and options to choose from. The catering team can also create custom menus tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each event.
  3. Dining Options: The club has several dining options, including a formal dining room, a casual grill room, and an outdoor patio. The menus feature a variety of dishes, from classic American fare to international cuisine. The club also hosts themed dinners and special events throughout the year, such as wine tastings and holiday celebrations.
  4. Private Dining: The club offers private dining options for members and their guests, including a private dining room and a wine room. These spaces can accommodate intimate gatherings or larger groups for special occasions.

Overall, the Knollwood Club provides a range of event spaces and dining options for members and guests, with a focus on high-quality service and attention to detail. Members can enjoy a variety of dining experiences, from casual meals with friends to formal events and celebrations.

Knollwood Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The Knollwood Club has a dress code policy that all members and guests are expected to follow. The dress code policy varies depending on the area of the club, and the club encourages members to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the occasion.

Here are some general guidelines for the Knollwood Club dress code:

  1. Golf Course: On the golf course, men are required to wear collared shirts and slacks or shorts of an appropriate length. Women are required to wear collared shirts or golf-specific tops and slacks, shorts, or skirts of an appropriate length. Denim, cargo pants, athletic shorts, and short shorts are not permitted on the golf course.
  2. Tennis Courts: On the tennis courts, players are required to wear appropriate tennis attire, including tennis shoes and shorts, skirts, or dresses of an appropriate length. Shirts must have sleeves, and tank tops are not permitted.
  3. Dining Areas: In the dining areas, business casual attire is appropriate for both men and women. Jackets and ties are not required, but collared shirts and slacks or dresses and skirts are encouraged. Shorts, t-shirts, and athletic wear are not permitted in the dining areas.

The Knollwood Club also has a guest policy that requires members to accompany their guests while they are on the club premises. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow the club’s rules and policies, including the dress code policy.

Overall, the Knollwood Club’s dress code policy and guest policy are designed to maintain a respectful and professional atmosphere while also ensuring that members and guests can enjoy the club’s amenities and activities in comfort and style.