Forest Highlands Golf Club Flagstaff AZ | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Nestled amidst the pristine beauty of Flagstaff, Arizona, the Forest Highlands Golf Club stands as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled experience in the heart of nature’s splendor. Surrounded by towering Ponderosa pines and framed by the breathtaking San Francisco Peaks, this exclusive club offers a golfing haven like no other.

With two championship courses designed to challenge and captivate players of all skill levels, Forest Highlands Golf Club is where the serenity of the wilderness meets the thrill of the fairway, creating a harmonious blend of luxury, relaxation, and world-class golf in the scenic high country of Northern Arizona.

Forest Highlands Golf Club History and Founding

The Forest Highlands Golf Club, located in Flagstaff, Arizona, was founded in the early 1980s with the vision of creating a world-class golfing destination in the midst of Northern Arizona’s breathtaking wilderness. The club was established by a group of individuals who shared a passion for golf and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the region.

The two championship golf courses at Forest Highlands were designed by renowned golf course architect Tom Weiskopf. Tom Weiskopf, a former professional golfer with multiple PGA Tour victories, transitioned into golf course design after his playing career. His design philosophy emphasizes both the challenge and playability of a course while integrating it harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

The Canyon Course, one of the two courses at Forest Highlands, opened in 1986 and quickly gained acclaim for its stunning layout and strategic design. The Meadow Course, the second course, followed in 1999, adding another layer of golfing excellence to the club.

Over the years, Forest Highlands Golf Club has become known not only for its exceptional golfing experiences but also for its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the Flagstaff area. The club’s founders and members have worked diligently to maintain the integrity of the landscape and ensure that the golf courses blend seamlessly with the surrounding forested terrain, making it a prime destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an immersive, high-country golfing experience.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Forest Highlands Golf Club

The U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship is a famous golf tournament held at Forest Highlands Golf Club. It is an annual event conducted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) for women golfers aged 25 and over who are not members of the professional golf tour. The tournament is played over three days, with a stroke play qualifier followed by match play rounds.

The U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship has been held at Forest Highlands Golf Club on three occasions: in 2006, 2014, and 2019. The course is a challenging but fair test of golf, with a variety of hole lengths and types. It is also a beautiful course, with stunning views of the San Francisco Peaks.

Some of the notable winners of the U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship at Forest Highlands Golf Club include:

2006: Mina Harigae
2014: Sarah Jane Smith
2019: Ina Kim-Schaad

The U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship is a prestigious event that attracts some of the best amateur golfers in the world. It is also a popular event for spectators, who enjoy watching the high-level golf and the beautiful scenery at Forest Highlands Golf Club.

Forest Highlands Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

Forest Highlands Golf Club is a private golf club and community located in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has two 18-hole golf courses designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Moorish, as well as a variety of other amenities, including tennis courts, swimming pools, a fitness center, and a clubhouse.

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Forest Highlands has two types of membership: Regular Membership and Special Membership.

Regular Membership is attached to a property at Forest Highlands. When you purchase a property at Forest Highlands, the membership is transferred to the new property owner. There is also a New Owner Capital Contribution fee of $100,000, a Membership transfer fee of $2,000, and (if there is a home on the property) a Utility transfer fee of $4,000. Regular monthly dues for 2023 are $1250 (includes HOA & Full Membership).

Special Membership is a standalone membership available for $100,000 + the regular monthly Association dues of $1250.

There have been some rumors that the membership costs and dues at Forest Highlands are going to increase in the near future. However, the club has not made any announcements about this.

Here is a summary of the estimated and rumored membership costs and dues at Forest Highlands Golf Club:

Regular Membership

New Owner Capital Contribution fee: $100,000
Membership transfer fee: $2,000
Utility transfer fee (if applicable): $4,000
Monthly dues: $1,250
Special Membership

Initial fee: $100,000
Monthly dues: $1,250

There is a rumor that the New Owner Capital Contribution fee will be increased to $150,000.
There is also a rumor that the monthly dues will be increased to $1,500.

Forest Highlands Golf Club Amenities

Forest Highlands Golf Club offers a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs and interests of its members and guests.

Here are some of the typical amenities you might find at Forest Highlands Golf Club:

Championship Golf Courses: Forest Highlands is known for its two championship golf courses designed by Tom Weiskopf, the Canyon Course and the Meadow Course. These courses provide challenging and scenic golfing experiences.

Practice Facilities: Members can typically access extensive practice facilities, including a driving range, putting greens, and short game areas to work on their game.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse serves as the social and dining hub of the club. It often includes fine dining restaurants, casual dining options, and spaces for special events and gatherings.

Tennis Courts: Many private clubs offer tennis facilities, which may include both hard and clay courts, as well as tennis programs and lessons.

Fitness Center: A fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for exercise and fitness activities is often available.

Swimming Pool: Private clubs frequently feature swimming pools, sometimes including lap pools, family-friendly pools, and hot tubs.

Spa and Wellness Services: Some country clubs offer spa services, including massages, facials, and wellness programs.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities: Given its location in Flagstaff, Forest Highlands may provide opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities in the surrounding natural environment.

Kids’ Club and Family Activities: Family-friendly amenities, such as kids’ clubs and activities, are common in many private clubs.

Social Events: Private clubs often host a variety of social events and activities, including holiday celebrations, themed dinners, and member tournaments.

Golf Pro Shop: A pro shop where members and guests can purchase golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Concierge Services: Assistance with travel arrangements, reservations, and other services may be available to members.

Forest Highlands Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

Forest Highlands Golf Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, offers a variety of events and celebrations that members can enjoy throughout the year.

Here are some common types of events that members can typically celebrate at Forest Highlands Golf Club:

Golf Tournaments: Forest Highlands hosts a range of golf tournaments and events for members, including club championships, member-guest tournaments, and charity golf outings. These events often provide opportunities for friendly competition and camaraderie among members.

Holiday Celebrations: The club frequently organizes special events and celebrations for various holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Independence Day. These events may include festive meals, parties, and fireworks displays.

Themed Parties: Forest Highlands may host themed parties and social gatherings throughout the year. These events could have themes like Hawaiian luaus, Western hoedowns, or costume parties, offering members a chance to dress up and have fun.

Wine Dinners: Wine enthusiasts can look forward to wine-tasting events and wine dinners, where members can sample a selection of fine wines paired with gourmet cuisine.

Culinary Events: The club may offer culinary-themed events, such as chef’s table dinners, cooking classes, and food and wine pairings.

Family Events: Family-focused events, including family movie nights, kids’ parties, and outdoor activities, provide opportunities for members of all ages to enjoy the club together.

Live Entertainment: Forest Highlands may bring in live entertainment, such as musical performances, bands, and DJs, for special occasions and evenings of dancing and music.

Golf Clinics and Workshops: Members interested in improving their golf skills may participate in golf clinics and instructional workshops led by experienced golf professionals.

Charity Events: The club may host charity fundraisers and events, allowing members to support charitable causes while enjoying the club’s amenities.

Member Mixers: Regular member mixers and social gatherings provide opportunities for members to connect, network, and build friendships within the club community.

Outdoor Activities: Depending on the season, members may engage in outdoor activities such as hiking excursions, nature walks, and picnics.

Forest Highlands Golf Club in Flagstaff, Arizona, offers a range of dining options for its members and guests.

Here are some of the typical dining options you might find at Forest Highlands Golf Club:

Fine Dining Restaurant: Forest Highlands often features a fine dining restaurant within the clubhouse. This restaurant typically offers an upscale and elegant dining experience, with a menu featuring gourmet dishes prepared by skilled chefs. It may be open for dinner service and may require reservations.

Casual Dining: In addition to fine dining, the club often provides casual dining options. This might include a grill, bistro, or casual restaurant where members can enjoy more relaxed and family-friendly meals. These dining areas are often open for lunch and dinner.

Outdoor Dining: Forest Highlands may offer outdoor dining options with picturesque views of the golf courses, natural surroundings, or scenic vistas. Outdoor dining areas provide a delightful setting for al fresco meals during the warmer months.

Bars and Lounges: The clubhouse may include bars and lounges where members can unwind with a selection of beverages, including cocktails, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic options. These areas often serve appetizers and snacks.

Private Dining Rooms: Private dining rooms may be available for members who wish to host special events, private celebrations, or business meetings. These rooms offer a more intimate and personalized dining experience.

Social Events and Themed Dinners: Forest Highlands frequently hosts social events and themed dinners, such as wine dinners, holiday buffets, and culinary-themed evenings. These events offer members unique dining experiences.

Member Events: The club may organize special dining events exclusively for members, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the club’s members.

Catering Services: Forest Highlands may offer catering services for private events, weddings, and special occasions held at the club.

Forest Highlands Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Forest Highlands Golf Club, like many private golf clubs, typically has a specific dress code and guest policies in place to maintain a certain level of decorum and ensure a pleasant experience for all members and guests.

Here’s a general overview of what you might expect regarding the dress code and guest policy at Forest Highlands Golf Club:

Dress Code:

Golf Attire: Proper golf attire is typically required on golf courses. This often includes collared shirts for men and appropriate golf shirts for women. Cargo pants and denim are typically discouraged on the course. Many clubs also require golf shoes with soft spikes.

Casual and Dining Attire: In the clubhouse and dining areas, a business-casual or country club-appropriate dress code is often enforced. Members and guests are expected to dress neatly and in a manner that respects the club’s standards. Specific guidelines may vary by dining area and time of day.

Swimwear: Swimwear is generally allowed at the pool area, but it may not be acceptable attire in other club areas.

Hats: While hats are generally allowed, it’s common for clubs to require that hats be worn with the bill facing forward and removed when inside the clubhouse or dining areas.

Tennis Attire: If Forest Highlands has tennis facilities, appropriate tennis attire, including tennis shoes, may be required on the tennis courts.

Guest Policy:

Accompanied Guests: Private clubs often allow members to bring guests to the club. However, guests typically need to be accompanied by a member, and there may be limits on the number of guests a member can bring at one time.

Registration: Guests may need to be registered at the club’s front desk or with the golf shop before using club facilities or playing golf.

Guest Fees: Some clubs charge guest fees for golf or access to certain amenities. These fees can vary depending on the guest’s activities and the club’s policies.

Reciprocal Clubs: Some private clubs have reciprocal agreements with other clubs, allowing members to bring guests from those clubs without additional fees. Members should inquire about any reciprocal privileges.

Guest Behavior: Members are often responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests are expected to adhere to the club’s rules and policies while on the premises.

Forest Highlands Golf Club stands as a haven for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its two championship golf courses designed by Tom Weiskopf, it offers a challenging yet harmonious golfing experience amidst the splendor of the surrounding Ponderosa pines and the majestic San Francisco Peaks.

Beyond the fairways, Forest Highlands Golf Club provides a rich tapestry of amenities, including fine dining, social events, and a close-knit community of members who share a passion for both the game and the serene beauty of the high country. Forest Highlands is a testament to the perfect marriage of golf, nature, and the camaraderie found within its club community—a destination that embodies the essence of the Arizona wilderness and the spirit of the game.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.