Coronado Club Houston TX | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Welcome to the Coronado Club, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas. With its rich history and timeless elegance, the Coronado Club is more than just a private social club; it’s a haven for those seeking a refined and exclusive experience in the heart of the city. Step inside and discover a world of luxurious amenities, exceptional dining, and a vibrant community of members who share a passion for excellence.

Whether you’re here to network, relax, or celebrate, the Coronado Club offers a prestigious and welcoming environment that embodies the spirit of Houston’s elite. Join us in exploring all that this distinguished club has to offer, where sophistication meets Southern hospitality.

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Coronado Club History and Founding

The Coronado Club, a distinguished establishment located in Houston, Texas, has a storied history that dates back to its founding in 1923. This historic club was the brainchild of prominent Houstonians who envisioned a sophisticated gathering place where members could socialize, network, and enjoy the finer things in life.

The renowned architect Joseph Finger, celebrated for his contributions to the city’s architectural landscape, was commissioned to design the Coronado Club’s impressive building. His vision resulted in an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends Spanish Revival and Mediterranean influences, featuring striking elements such as stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, and arched doorways. The club’s architecture not only pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry of Texas but also stands as a testament to Finger’s enduring talent and creativity.

Throughout its illustrious history, the Coronado Club has been a hub for Houston’s social elite, providing an exclusive setting for business meetings, elegant dining, and vibrant social events. Its commitment to excellence and timeless charm continue to make it a sought-after destination for those who appreciate the blend of history, architecture, and camaraderie that defines this remarkable institution. As the Coronado Club continues to evolve and thrive, it remains a symbol of Houston’s enduring spirit and dedication to refined living.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Coronado Club

The most famous golf tournament held at the Coronado Golf Course is the Coronado Open, which was played from 1897 to 1905. It was the first major golf tournament played on the West Coast of the United States, and it attracted some of the best golfers in the world, including Willie Smith, Alex Smith, George Smith, and David Bell.

The Coronado Open was played over 18 holes, and the winner was determined by match play. The tournament was a huge success, and it helped to popularize golf in the United States.

The Coronado Open was discontinued in 1905, but it remains one of the most important golf tournaments ever played in California. The tournament is still remembered for its star-studded field and its beautiful setting at the Coronado Golf Course.

The Coronado Golf Course is a historic golf course located on the Coronado Peninsula in San Diego, California. The course was designed by Willie Dunn Jr. and opened in 1897. It is one of the oldest golf courses in the United States, and it has been home to many famous golf tournaments over the years.

The Coronado Golf Course is a challenging course that is known for its strong winds and undulating greens. The course offers stunning views of the San Diego skyline and the Coronado Bridge. It is a popular destination for golfers from all over the world.

In addition to the Coronado Open, the Coronado Golf Course has also hosted the following golf tournaments:

  • The Southern California Open (1902-1905)
  • The Pacific Coast Open (1906-1910)
  • The San Diego Open (1911-1915, 1930-1932)
  • The California State Open (1916, 1919, 1922, 1925, 1928, 1933, 1936, 1939)
  • The U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship (1920)
  • The U.S. Men’s Amateur Championship (1923)
  • The PGA Championship (1924)
  • The U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship (1946)
  • The U.S. Senior Open Championship (1984)

The Coronado Golf Course is a true golf icon, and it has played an important role in the history of the game. It is a course that every golfer should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Coronado Club Membership Costs and Dues

Coronado Club is a private country club in Coronado, California. It is known for its challenging golf course, tennis courts, fitness center, and swimming pool. The club also offers a variety of social and dining events for its members.

coronado club

Coronado Club does not publicly release its membership costs and dues. However, there are a number of estimates and rumors available online.

According to one source, the initiation fee for a Coronado Club membership is $25,000. The monthly dues are estimated to be $1,000.

Another source estimates that the initiation fee for a Coronado Club membership is $50,000. The monthly dues are estimated to be $1,500.

It is important to note that these are just estimates. The actual membership costs and dues may vary depending on the type of membership and the age of the applicant.

Here are some rumored membership costs and dues for the Coronado Club:

  • Initiation fee: $25,000-$50,000
  • Monthly dues: $1,000-$1,500

It is important to note that these are just rumors, and the actual membership costs and dues may vary.

Coronado Club Amenities

Coronado Club in Houston, Texas, offered a range of amenities to its members. Here are some of the amenities that were commonly associated with the Coronado Club:

Dining Facilities: The club typically featured upscale dining options, including formal dining rooms, casual restaurants, and bars, where members could enjoy fine cuisine, cocktails, and social gatherings.

Event Spaces: The Coronado Club often had event spaces available for members to host private events, meetings, weddings, and other special occasions.

Fitness and Wellness Facilities: Many private clubs include fitness centers, swimming pools, and wellness areas for their members to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Golf and Tennis: Some country clubs offer golf courses and tennis facilities, though the Coronado Club may not have its own golf course based on my previous knowledge.

Social and Networking Events: Private clubs often organize a variety of social and networking events, such as themed parties, holiday celebrations, and business networking opportunities.

Concierge Services: Members of exclusive clubs like the Coronado Club may have access to concierge services to assist with reservations, event planning, and other personalized services.

Business Facilities: Many private clubs provide business-related amenities, such as meeting rooms, conference facilities, and workspaces, to accommodate professional needs.

Recreational Activities: Depending on the club’s offerings, there may be various recreational activities available, such as billiards, card rooms, and more.

Member Services: Private clubs typically have dedicated staff to cater to the needs and preferences of their members.

Coronado Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Coronado Club, like many private social clubs, offers a variety of events and occasions that members can celebrate. These events often include:

Weddings: The Coronado Club is a popular venue for weddings, with elegant event spaces and professional event planning services available to ensure a memorable celebration.

Anniversaries: Members can celebrate their wedding anniversaries with family and friends in the club’s private event spaces or dining rooms.

Birthdays: Whether it’s a milestone birthday or a casual gathering, the club can host birthday parties with customized menus and services.

Corporate Events: The club provides spaces for business meetings, seminars, conferences, and corporate gatherings, offering a professional and upscale environment for networking and discussions.

Holiday Parties: Private clubs often organize special holiday events and parties, allowing members to celebrate occasions like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more in style.

Graduation Parties: Members can host graduation parties for their loved ones, whether it’s a high school or college graduation celebration.

Networking Events: Business-oriented events, such as networking mixers, industry conferences, and professional development seminars, are common at private clubs and can provide valuable opportunities for members to connect with others in their field.

Wine Tastings: Wine enthusiasts can enjoy wine-tasting events, where they can sample a variety of wines and learn about different vintages and pairings.

Live Entertainment: The club may host live entertainment evenings featuring music, comedy, or other performances.

Themed Parties: Throughout the year, private clubs often organize themed parties and events, such as costume parties, masquerade balls, and more.

Golf Tournaments: If the Coronado Club has golf facilities, it may host member golf tournaments and events for golf enthusiasts.

Charity Galas: Some private clubs participate in charitable activities and host fundraising galas and events to support various causes.

Dining options at the Coronado Club typically include a range of culinary experiences to cater to the preferences of its members. Here are some common dining options you might find at a private club like the Coronado Club:

Formal Dining: Many private clubs have formal dining rooms where members can enjoy upscale and elegant dining experiences. These dining rooms often offer a la carte menus featuring gourmet cuisine prepared by skilled chefs. It’s an excellent choice for special occasions or romantic dinners.

Casual Dining: In addition to formal dining, private clubs often have more relaxed and casual dining settings. These may include casual restaurants, bars, and lounges where members can enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere. Casual dining options may include sandwiches, salads, and classic American fare.

Private Dining: Private clubs frequently offer private dining rooms for members who want a more intimate and exclusive dining experience. These rooms are ideal for hosting private parties, business meetings, or family gatherings.

Seasonal Menus: Many private clubs take advantage of seasonal ingredients and offer menus that change with the seasons. This allows members to enjoy fresh, locally sourced dishes and culinary specialties.

Catering Services: Private clubs often provide catering services for both on-site and off-site events. This includes customized menus for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more.

Wine and Beverage Selection: Private clubs typically have extensive wine lists and beverage selections, including cocktails and spirits. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy a curated wine selection to complement their dining experience.

Specialty Dining Events: Some clubs organize special dining events, such as wine tastings, chef’s tasting menus, themed dinners, and culinary workshops. These events offer members unique and memorable dining experiences.

Sunday Brunch: Many private clubs offer Sunday brunch services, featuring a diverse range of breakfast and lunch options, along with brunch cocktails like mimosas and Bloody Marys.

Coronado Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The Coronado Club, like many private social clubs, typically enforces a dress code and guest policy to maintain a certain level of decorum and atmosphere for its members. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect regarding the dress code and guest policy at such a club:

Dress Code:

Formal Attire: Some areas of the Coronado Club may require formal attire, which often includes collared shirts, tailored pants, jackets, and ties for men. Women may be expected to wear elegant dresses, skirts, or dress slacks.

Casual Attire: In more relaxed areas like casual dining rooms, bars, or lounges, the dress code may permit smart casual attire. This typically includes neat and well-kept clothing, such as collared shirts, dress shoes, and slacks for men, and similar standards for women.

No Athletic Wear: Athletic wear, including gym attire, sports jerseys, and sneakers, is usually discouraged or prohibited in most areas of the club.

Footwear: Members and guests are typically required to wear appropriate footwear, which often means no flip-flops, sandals, or athletic shoes in formal areas.

Hats: Many private clubs do not allow hats to be worn indoors, with exceptions made for certain cultural or religious headwear.

Guest Policy:

Member Sponsorship: Guests at the Coronado Club are often required to be sponsored by a current member. This means that a member must accompany and vouch for their guest during their visit.

Guest Limits: Clubs typically have restrictions on the number of guests a member can bring at one time and may limit the frequency of guest visits to ensure that the primary focus remains on the members.

Registration: Guests may need to register at the club’s front desk upon arrival, providing their name and the name of their sponsoring member.

Guest Fees: Some clubs charge guest fees for the use of facilities and services. These fees may vary depending on the type of guest (e.g., family, business associate) and the club’s policies.

Compliance with Rules: Guests are expected to comply with the club’s rules and policies while on the premises, including dress code guidelines.

Coronado Club in Houston, Texas, stands as a beacon of elegance and exclusivity, offering its members a sanctuary of refined dining, sophisticated events, and a vibrant social community. With its rich history, architecturally stunning surroundings, and commitment to excellence, the Coronado Club continues to be a cherished institution in the heart of Houston. Whether you’re seeking a place for celebrations, networking, or simply a moment of relaxation, the Coronado Club embodies the spirit of Southern hospitality, welcoming members to savor life’s finest moments in style and luxury.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.