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Rock Creek Cattle Company Deer Lodge MT | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Welcome to Rock Creek Cattle Company, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Deer Lodge, Montana. This exclusive and luxurious destination invites you to experience the epitome of Western elegance and outdoor adventure.

Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Montana wilderness, Rock Creek Cattle Company combines world-class amenities with the rustic charm of a working cattle ranch. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an exhilarating outdoor escape, this unique destination promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Big Sky Country.

Rock Creek Cattle Company History and Founding

Rock Creek Cattle Company, located in Deer Lodge, Montana, stands as a testament to the vision of its founder, Bill Foley. Established in 2008, Foley, a successful businessman and sports team owner, sought to create a one-of-a-kind luxury ranch experience that seamlessly blended Western hospitality with modern amenities.

Architectural brilliance played a pivotal role in bringing Foley’s vision to life, and the design of Rock Creek Cattle Company reflects the work of renowned architect Tom Fazio. Fazio, celebrated for his expertise in golf course design, crafted the centerpiece of the property—an 18-hole championship golf course that winds its way through the stunning Montana landscape. The course not only challenges golf enthusiasts but also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

With meticulous attention to detail, Fazio’s design harmonizes with the rugged beauty of the region, creating an immersive experience for guests. The Rock Creek Cattle Company seamlessly integrates luxury accommodations, a world-class golf course, and the authentic charm of a working cattle ranch, providing a unique retreat where modern comfort meets the timeless allure of the American West.

Rock Creek Cattle Company Membership Costs and Dues

Unfortunately, due to the private nature of Rock Creek Cattle Company, specific membership costs and dues are not publicly available. However, based on various sources here are estimated and rumored costs:

Estimated Initiation Fees:

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  • National Membership: Potentially ranging from $500,000 to $1 million, with limited availability.
  • Resident Membership: Required for property owners within the development, potentially in the range of $250,000 to $500,000.

Estimated Annual Dues:

  • Golf Membership: Potentially $25,000 to $50,000 or higher, depending on the level of access and amenities.
  • Social Membership: Potentially $10,000 to $25,000, offering limited access to certain amenities but not golf.

Additional Costs:

  • Cart fees: $50 to $75 per round.
  • Food and beverage: Premium pricing, with entrees ranging from $30 to $50.
  • Lodging: On-site cabins and cottages are available for rent, with nightly rates potentially exceeding $500.

Please note: These are just estimates based on available information and could vary depending on individual circumstances and membership type.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Waitlist: There is reportedly a waitlist for membership, so even if you can afford the fees, you may need to wait for an opening.
  • Amenities: The club offers a variety of amenities beyond golf, such as fly-fishing, horseback riding, and a fitness center. These amenities may come with additional fees.
  • Exclusivity: Rock Creek Cattle Company is a very exclusive club, and membership is not guaranteed even if you can afford the costs.

Rock Creek Cattle Company Amenities

Rock Creek Cattle Company in Deer Lodge, Montana, offers a range of amenities to provide its members and guests with a luxurious and enjoyable experience. While specific amenities may be subject to change, here are some features commonly associated with Rock Creek Cattle Company:

  1. Championship Golf Course: Designed by renowned architect Tom Fazio, the 18-hole championship golf course at Rock Creek is a centerpiece of the property, offering both a challenging game and stunning views of the Montana landscape.
  2. Luxurious Accommodations: The ranch typically provides upscale accommodations, which may include well-appointed guest lodges, cabins, or suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for members and guests.
  3. Dining Facilities: Exclusive dining options are often available, providing a combination of gourmet cuisine and a warm Western ambiance.
  4. Outdoor Activities: Given its setting in the Montana wilderness, Rock Creek Cattle Company may offer a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and more.
  5. Spa and Wellness Facilities: Some private country clubs and resorts feature spa and wellness facilities to enhance the relaxation and rejuvenation of their guests.
  6. Cattle Ranch Experience: True to its name, Rock Creek Cattle Company may offer members the opportunity to experience a working cattle ranch, with activities such as cattle drives or cowboy experiences.
  7. Event Spaces: Exclusive event venues may be available for hosting special occasions, corporate events, or private functions.

Rock Creek Cattle Company Event Information and Dining Options

Rock Creek Cattle Company, being a luxury ranch and golf club, offers a picturesque and exclusive setting for various events and celebrations. While specific events may vary, here are some common types of celebrations that could be hosted at Rock Creek Cattle Company:

  1. Weddings: The scenic beauty of the Montana wilderness and the upscale facilities make Rock Creek Cattle Company an ideal venue for weddings. Couples may choose to have outdoor ceremonies overlooking the landscape or hold elegant receptions in one of the event spaces.
  2. Corporate Retreats: The ranch setting, combined with recreational activities and upscale amenities, makes Rock Creek Cattle Company a suitable location for corporate retreats, conferences, and team-building events.
  3. Golf Tournaments: Given the championship golf course designed by Tom Fazio, the club may host or participate in golf tournaments and events, attracting golf enthusiasts from around the region.
  4. Private Functions: Members and guests may celebrate private functions, such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or family reunions, in the exclusive and tranquil surroundings of the ranch.
  5. Cattle Ranch Experiences: The working cattle ranch aspect of Rock Creek Cattle Company offers unique opportunities for cowboy experiences, cattle drives, and other ranch-themed events for those interested in an authentic Western experience.
  6. Holiday Celebrations: Exclusive holiday events, such as Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas celebrations, or New Year’s Eve parties, may be organized for members and their guests.

While specific details about dining options at Rock Creek Cattle Company may vary over time, luxury resorts and private clubs typically offer a range of culinary experiences to enhance the overall guest experience. Here are general categories of dining options that you might find at such establishments:

  1. Fine Dining Restaurant: Many upscale clubs have a fine dining restaurant that serves gourmet cuisine prepared by skilled chefs. The menu may feature a variety of dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Casual Dining: In addition to formal dining, there might be more casual dining options, such as a bistro or tavern, where members and guests can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse menu.
  3. Outdoor Dining: Given the scenic surroundings of Rock Creek Cattle Company, outdoor dining options could be available, allowing guests to enjoy their meals with breathtaking views of the Montana landscape.
  4. Private Dining Rooms: Exclusive venues often offer private dining spaces for intimate gatherings, special occasions, or business meetings.
  5. Catering Services: For events and celebrations, the club may provide catering services with customizable menus to suit the preferences and themes of the occasion.

Rock Creek Cattle Company Dress Code and Guest Policy

Rock Creek Cattle Company, being a luxurious and private establishment, upholds a specific dress code and guest policy to maintain its refined atmosphere and exclusivity. Here’s a breakdown:

Dress Code:

  • Overall Vibe: Elegant Western Casual. Think upscale ranch attire that blends comfort with sophistication.
  • Do’s:
    • Men: Collared shirts, slacks, dark-wash jeans, dress shoes, or boots. Blazers or sweaters are welcome for added warmth or formality.
    • Women: Dresses, skirts, blouses, or tailored pants paired with boots or flats. Avoid overly revealing clothing.
  • Don’ts:
    • Denim (except dark-wash jeans for men), athletic wear, ripped clothing, t-shirts, flip-flops, and shorts (except for specific activities like golf or horseback riding).

Guest Policy:

  • Guests are welcome to accompany members at the club, but they must abide by the dress code and other club rules.
  • Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior and ensuring they respect the club’s facilities and staff.
  • Some areas of the club, like the spa or fitness center, might have specific guest access restrictions.
  • Reservations are recommended for dining, especially during peak season or for large groups.

Rock Creek Cattle Company stands as a premier destination, seamlessly blending luxury with the rugged beauty of Montana’s wilderness. From its championship golf course designed by Tom Fazio to the upscale accommodations and unique cattle ranch experiences, the club offers an exclusive retreat for those seeking an authentic taste of the American West.

Whether enjoying fine dining with scenic views, participating in outdoor adventures, or hosting special events amidst the serene landscapes, Rock Creek Cattle Company embodies the spirit of refined Western hospitality. With its commitment to excellence and attention to detail, this hidden gem in Deer Lodge invites guests to savor an unparalleled blend of comfort, recreation, and natural beauty in a truly distinctive setting.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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