Verde River Golf and Social Club Rio Verde AZ | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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Welcome to the Verde River Golf and Social Club, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the picturesque Rio Verde, Arizona. Here, amidst the stunning desert landscape, you’ll discover a haven for golf enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. Our exclusive club offers a unique blend of championship-level golf, unparalleled amenities, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking a challenging course, or simply looking for a place to relax and connect with friends, Verde River Golf and Social Club invites you to experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational luxury in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

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Verde River Golf and Social Club History and Founding

The history of the Verde River Golf and Social Club is a tale of vision and commitment to creating a golfing haven in the enchanting Rio Verde, Arizona. Founded in [Year], this esteemed club was brought to life by a group of passionate golf enthusiasts and community leaders who recognized the potential of this stunning desert landscape.

At the helm of this visionary project was renowned golf course architect Tom Lehman. With a deep respect for the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert, Lehman crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly weaves through the rugged terrain, offering golfers an exceptional and challenging experience. His design philosophy, which prioritizes environmental sustainability and preservation, is evident in every meticulously designed fairway, green, and bunker.

Since its founding, Verde River Golf and Social Club has grown into a thriving community of members and visitors who appreciate not only the world-class golf but also the welcoming social atmosphere that defines the club. Today, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who dreamed of bringing exceptional golf and camaraderie to Rio Verde, Arizona.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Verde River Golf and Social Club

There are currently no famous golf tournaments held at Verde River Golf and Social Club in Rio Verde, Arizona. The club is a private club and does not host any public tournaments. However, the club has hosted several smaller, private tournaments in the past, including the Verde River Golf and Social Club Championship and the Verde River Golf and Social Club Invitational.

The Verde River Golf and Social Club is a beautiful and challenging course that is sure to test the skills of even the best golfers. It is located in the Sonoran Desert and offers stunning views of the Mazatzal Mountains and the Verde River. The course was designed by Tom Lehman and Ken Kavanaugh and opened in 2006. It has been praised by critics for its strategic design and its natural beauty.

While the Verde River Golf and Social Club does not currently host any famous golf tournaments, it is possible that it could in the future. The club is a popular destination for professional golfers and celebrities, and it has the facilities and infrastructure to host a major tournament. If the club were to decide to host a public tournament, it would likely be a major event that would attract some of the best golfers in the world.

Verde River Golf and Social Club Membership Costs and Dues

Verde River Golf and Social Club in Rio Verde, AZ is a private golf and social club. Membership costs and dues are not publicly disclosed, but there are some estimated and rumored figures available.

verde river golf and social club

One source estimates that the initiation fee for Verde River Golf and Social Club is between $25,000 and $35,000, with monthly dues of around $750. Another source estimates that the initiation fee is closer to $40,000, with monthly dues of around $850.

It is important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual membership costs and dues may vary depending on the type of membership you choose and other factors.

Here is a summary of the estimated and rumored membership costs and dues for Verde River Golf and Social Club:

Initiation fee: $25,000 – $40,000
Monthly dues: $750 – $850

Verde River Golf and Social Club Amenities

Verde River Golf and Social Club in Rio Verde, Arizona, offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the golfing and social experience for its members and guests.

Here are some of the amenities typically associated with such clubs:

Championship Golf Course: The centerpiece of the club is its championship golf course, designed by renowned architect Tom Lehman. The course likely features a challenging layout with scenic desert views and well-maintained fairways and greens.

Practice Facilities: Many golf clubs provide practice facilities such as a driving range, putting greens, and chipping areas to help golfers hone their skills.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse serves as the social hub of the club. It may include a restaurant or dining options, a pro shop, locker rooms, and spaces for events and gatherings.

Swimming Pool: An outdoor swimming pool is often a popular amenity, offering a refreshing way to relax and cool off, especially during the Arizona heat.

Fitness Center: A well-equipped fitness center may be available to help members stay active and maintain their fitness routines.

Tennis and Pickleball Courts: Some clubs offer tennis and pickleball courts for those interested in racquet sports.

Social Events: Clubs like Verde River often organize various social events and activities to foster a sense of community among members.

Private Dining: Private dining rooms or event spaces may be available for special occasions and gatherings.

Spa Services: Some country clubs offer spa services for members who wish to unwind and relax.

Gated Community: Depending on the club’s setup, it might be part of a gated residential community with additional amenities like walking trails, parks, and more.

Concierge Services: Clubs often provide concierge services to assist members with reservations, event planning, and other personalized services.

Guest Accommodations: Some clubs have guest accommodations for members’ friends and family who visit from out of town.

Verde River Golf and Social Club Event Information and Dining Options

The Verde River Golf and Social Club likely hosts a variety of events and celebrations throughout the year to engage its members and create a sense of community. While specific events can change from year to year, here are some common types of celebrations and occasions that you might find at the club:

Golf Tournaments: The club often hosts a range of golf tournaments, including member-only events, charity tournaments, and open competitions. These tournaments can be a great way to challenge your golf skills and socialize with other members.

Holiday Celebrations: Expect special events and gatherings for major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, and more. These can include festive dinners, parties, and themed activities.

Seasonal Parties: Clubs often organize seasonal parties, such as summer barbecues, spring flings, and fall festivals. These events celebrate the changing seasons and provide opportunities for members to come together.

Social Mixers: Regular social mixers, happy hours, and cocktail parties are common at social clubs. They offer a relaxed atmosphere for members to connect and network.

Cultural and Themed Nights: Look out for cultural celebrations and themed nights, which may include international cuisine, wine tastings, or special cultural performances.

Live Entertainment: Some clubs bring in live entertainment, such as bands, musicians, or comedians, to enhance the social experience.

Member Appreciation Events: Clubs often host events to show appreciation for their members. These can include exclusive member dinners, recognition ceremonies, and awards.

Family-Friendly Activities: Clubs may organize family-oriented events like picnics, movie nights, or kids’ parties to cater to members with children.

Charity and Fundraising Events: Many clubs engage in philanthropic activities and host charity fundraisers, auctions, and events to support local causes.

Sports Events: For sports enthusiasts, the club may organize viewing parties for major sporting events like the Super Bowl, the Masters Tournament, or the Ryder Cup.

Educational Workshops: Clubs may offer educational workshops and seminars on topics of interest to members, such as golf clinics, cooking classes, or wine tastings.

Private Celebrations: Members often have the option to host their private celebrations at the club, including weddings, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays.

The dining options at the Verde River Golf and Social Club may vary, but typically, private golf and social clubs offer a range of dining experiences to cater to the preferences of their members and guests. These options often include:

Clubhouse Restaurant: The clubhouse typically houses a full-service restaurant offering a diverse menu. This restaurant may serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a selection of dishes ranging from casual to fine dining. Members and guests can enjoy meals with scenic views of the golf course or surrounding landscape.

Casual Dining: In addition to the main restaurant, some clubs have a more casual dining area, often referred to as a grill or bistro. This area may offer a relaxed atmosphere and a menu featuring items like burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Bar and Lounge: Most clubs have a bar and lounge area where members can enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, and a selection of appetizers. It’s a popular spot for socializing and watching sports events on TV.

Outdoor Dining: Given the pleasant Arizona weather, many clubs offer outdoor dining options. Patios or terraces with seating provide an opportunity to dine al fresco while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Private Dining: Some clubs have private dining rooms or event spaces that can be reserved for special occasions, business meetings, or intimate gatherings. These spaces often come with personalized catering services.

Theme Nights: Clubs occasionally host theme nights or special dining events, such as Italian night, seafood night, or wine pairing dinners. These events offer unique culinary experiences.

Holiday Menus: During major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, the club’s dining facilities may offer special holiday menus or buffets for members and their guests.

Catering Services: The club may provide catering services for events and gatherings held at the venue, whether they are hosted by members or external parties.

Poolside Snacks: If the club has a pool, there may be a poolside snack bar or cafe serving lighter fare like salads, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages.

Coffee and Refreshments: Some clubs offer a coffee bar or refreshment station where members can grab coffee, pastries, and snacks.

Verde River Golf and Social Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The dress code and guest policy at the Verde River Golf and Social Club, like at many private golf and social clubs, are designed to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect for the club’s facilities and its members. Here is a general overview of what you might expect in terms of dress code and guest policies:

Dress Code:

Golf Attire: When on the golf course, there is typically a dress code in place. This usually includes collared shirts, slacks or golf shorts, and golf-appropriate footwear (soft-spiked golf shoes or golf sandals). Some clubs may allow golf-specific athletic attire.

Casual Dining: For casual dining areas, members and guests may be required to wear neat and presentable attire. This often includes collared shirts, slacks, or neat jeans. T-shirts, tank tops, and swimwear are generally not permitted in dining areas.

Fine Dining: Fine dining areas often have a more formal dress code, which may include business casual or upscale attire. This might involve dress shirts, dress shoes, and slacks for men and similar attire for women.

Swimwear: Swimwear is generally reserved for pool areas and is not acceptable in dining or clubhouse areas.

Hats: Some clubs have specific policies regarding wearing hats indoors. It’s common for hats to be removed when entering the clubhouse or dining areas.

Guest Policy:

Member Sponsorship: Typically, members are allowed to bring guests to the club. However, the specific guest policy can vary. Some clubs require members to accompany their guests at all times, while others may allow guests to visit the club independently.

Guest Fees: There may be guest fees associated with bringing non-members to the club. These fees often cover access to the golf course, dining facilities, and other amenities.

Limits on Guest Visits: Some clubs have limits on the number of times a particular guest can visit in a year without considering membership.

Reservations: It’s a good practice to make reservations when bringing guests to the club, especially for dining or tee times, to ensure availability and to comply with guest policies.

Code of Conduct: Guests are typically expected to adhere to the club’s rules and code of conduct. This includes adhering to the dress code and behaving respectfully toward members and staff.

Verde River Golf and Social Club in Rio Verde, Arizona, is a haven for golf enthusiasts and social seekers alike. Set amidst the breathtaking desert landscape, this club offers championship-level golf, a range of amenities, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your golf skills, enjoy fine dining, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, Verde River Golf and Social Club invites you to experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational luxury. As a thriving hub for golf and social experiences, it continues to be a cherished destination for those seeking both relaxation and camaraderie in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.