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Nestled amidst the picturesque desert landscape of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Southern Highlands Golf Club stands as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts seeking a refined and captivating experience. Designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., this exclusive golf haven seamlessly blends challenging course layouts with the stunning natural beauty of the Southern Nevada surroundings.

With meticulously manicured fairways, undulating greens, and panoramic views of the rugged mountains, Southern Highlands Golf Club offers not only a world-class golfing adventure but also an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the bustling Las Vegas Strip. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a casual enthusiast, the Southern Highlands Golf Club promises an unparalleled blend of luxury, hospitality, and golfing excellence.

Southern Highlands Golf Club History and Founding

The Southern Highlands Golf Club, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a rich history steeped in both golfing excellence and architectural prowess. Established in the late 1990s, this private golf club quickly became a distinguished landmark in the world of golf.

The renowned father-and-son duo of golf course architects, Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., were instrumental in bringing the Southern Highlands Golf Club to life. The elder Jones, a legendary figure in golf course design, was responsible for creating some of the world’s most iconic courses. His son, Robert Trent Jones Jr., inherited the family legacy and continued to make significant contributions to golf course architecture. Together, they collaborated to craft the championship-caliber course that defines Southern Highlands.

The vision behind Southern Highlands Golf Club was to offer a golfing experience that seamlessly integrated with the natural beauty of the Southern Nevada landscape. The result is a meticulously designed course featuring challenging layouts, strategically placed hazards, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Over the years, the Southern Highlands Golf Club has become synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and a commitment to delivering an exceptional golfing experience. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Jones family and their impact on the world of golf course architecture. As golfers traverse the fairways of Southern Highlands, they not only engage with a superbly crafted course but also immerse themselves in the history and tradition woven into the fabric of this exceptional golfing destination.

Southern Highlands Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

Southern Highlands Golf Club is a private club with two types of memberships: Golf and Social. While the official membership information is not publicly available, several sources offer estimates and rumors:

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Estimated Costs:

  • Full Golf Membership:
    • Initiation Fee: $50,000 (estimated)
    • Monthly Dues: $1,445 (estimated)
    • Food & Beverage Minimum: $600 semi-annually (estimated)
  • Social Membership:
    • Initiation Fee: $15,000 (estimated)
    • Monthly Dues: $300-$500 (estimated)

Rumored Costs:

  • Initiation fees can be higher depending on demand and availability.
  • There are rumors of additional fees, such as cart fees and locker fees.
  • Some sources suggest that the club may be considering raising dues in the future.

Additional Notes:

  • You must be invited to become a member of Southern Highlands Golf Club.
  • Membership is transferrable to subsequent owners of homes within the Southern Highlands community.
  • The club offers various amenities, including a clubhouse, dining facilities, tennis courts, and a swimming pool.

The information provided above is based on estimates and rumors. The actual membership costs and dues may vary.

Southern Highlands Golf Club Amenities

The amenities at the Southern Highlands Golf Club in Las Vegas are designed to provide a comprehensive and upscale experience for its members.

Here are some typical amenities associated with private golf clubs like Southern Highlands:

  1. Championship Golf Course: Southern Highlands is renowned for its meticulously designed golf course, often created by esteemed golf course architects. Members have access to a challenging and well-maintained layout.
  2. Clubhouse: A luxurious clubhouse is a common feature at private golf clubs, offering a place for members to gather, dine, and socialize. Clubhouses may include dining facilities, lounges, pro shops, and event spaces.
  3. Practice Facilities: Private country clubs often provide top-notch practice facilities, including driving ranges, putting greens, and short-game areas. These facilities allow members to hone their skills in a controlled environment.
  4. Dining Options: Exclusive dining experiences are a hallmark of private clubs. Members may have access to fine dining restaurants, casual eateries, and private event spaces for special occasions.
  5. Fitness Center: Some private golf clubs include fitness facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and personal training services to cater to members’ health and wellness needs.
  6. Swimming Pool: An upscale swimming pool area can be a refreshing amenity, providing members with a place to relax and unwind.
  7. Tennis Courts: Private clubs often offer tennis facilities for members who enjoy playing the sport.
  8. Social Events: Southern Highlands Golf Club may organize a variety of social events, tournaments, and member gatherings throughout the year to foster a sense of community among its members.
  9. Spa Services: In some cases, private clubs may offer spa and wellness services to provide members with additional relaxation options.

Southern Highlands Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

Private golf clubs like the Southern Highlands Golf Club often host a variety of events and celebrations to enhance the member experience and foster a sense of community. While the specific events may vary, here are some common types of celebrations that members at such clubs might enjoy:

  1. Golf Tournaments: Regular golf tournaments and championships, both casual and competitive, are common at golf clubs. Members may participate in club championships, member-guest tournaments, and other themed golf events.
  2. Social Mixers: Clubs often organize social mixers or cocktail parties, providing members with opportunities to network, socialize, and build connections with fellow members.
  3. Holiday Celebrations: Events around holidays, such as Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, are often organized to bring members together in a festive atmosphere.
  4. Themed Dinners: Exclusive themed dinners and culinary events may be hosted, featuring special menus, wine pairings, and unique dining experiences.
  5. Member Appreciation Days: Clubs may organize special days or weekends dedicated to showing appreciation to their members. This could include complimentary services, exclusive access, or other perks.
  6. Charity Events: Golf clubs often engage in philanthropic activities by organizing charity events and fundraisers. Members can participate in golf tournaments or other activities to support charitable causes.
  7. Family Events: Clubs may host family-friendly events, including picnics, barbecues, and activities for children, to cater to the needs of members with families.
  8. Golf Clinics and Workshops: Educational events, such as golf clinics, workshops, and guest speaker sessions, provide opportunities for members to enhance their skills and knowledge about the game of golf.
  9. Concerts and Entertainment: Some clubs arrange live music, concerts, or entertainment events to add a cultural and recreational element to the member experience.
  10. Sports Viewing Parties: During major sporting events like the Masters or Ryder Cup, clubs may host viewing parties where members can gather to watch and enjoy the competition together.

Private golf clubs often offer a range of dining experiences to cater to the preferences of their members. The dining options at Southern Highlands Golf Club may include:

  1. Clubhouse Restaurant: Many golf clubs have a main dining area within the clubhouse that offers a variety of culinary options. This can range from casual to fine dining, providing members with a diverse selection of dishes.
  2. Lounge or Bar Area: A designated lounge or bar area within the clubhouse may offer a more relaxed setting for members to enjoy drinks, snacks, and light meals. It could also be a social space for members to gather.
  3. Terrace or Patio Dining: If the club has outdoor spaces with scenic views, there might be terrace or patio dining options. This allows members to enjoy their meals while taking in the beautiful surroundings.
  4. Private Dining Rooms: Exclusive private dining rooms may be available for members who wish to host special events, gatherings, or private dinners.
  5. Specialty Menus and Events: The club might host themed dinners, wine tastings, and other special events with unique menus and culinary experiences.
  6. Catering Services: Some golf clubs provide catering services for events held at the club or for members hosting private functions.

Southern Highlands Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Dress codes and guest policies are common features at private golf clubs, including the Southern Highlands Golf Club. These rules are typically in place to maintain a certain level of decorum, uphold the club’s atmosphere, and ensure an enjoyable experience for all members and guests. While the specific details may vary, here’s a general idea of what you might expect:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Attire: Proper golf attire is usually required on the golf course and practice facilities. This typically includes collared shirts for men and women, golf slacks or shorts, and golf shoes. Denim and cargo shorts may be restricted.
  2. Clubhouse Attire: The dress code for indoor areas, such as the clubhouse and dining areas, may be more formal. Collared shirts, neat trousers, skirts, and appropriate footwear are often expected.
  3. Casual Areas: There might be more relaxed dress standards for certain casual areas, like outdoor patios or lounge spaces. However, even in these areas, attire should still be neat and in keeping with the club’s standards.
  4. Footwear: Golf shoes with soft spikes are typically required on the golf course, while athletic shoes may be acceptable in certain areas. Flip-flops, beach sandals, and metal spikes are often prohibited.

Guest Policy:

  1. Accompanied by a Member: Guests are often required to be accompanied by a member when using club facilities, including the golf course, clubhouse, and other amenities.
  2. Advance Notice: Members may be required to inform the club in advance if they plan to bring guests. This helps the club manage guest access and ensure a seamless experience.
  3. Limits on Frequency: Some clubs may have limitations on how often the same guest can visit within a specific time period to maintain the exclusivity of the club.
  4. Registration and Check-In: Guests may need to register and check in at the clubhouse upon arrival, providing necessary information and adhering to any club policies.

Southern Highlands Golf Club in Las Vegas stands as a distinguished haven for golf enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled blend of luxury, challenging play, and a sense of community. Designed by the esteemed Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., the championship golf course seamlessly integrates with the breathtaking Southern Nevada landscape.

With its meticulously maintained fairways, upscale amenities, and a commitment to exclusivity, Southern Highlands offers more than just a golfing experience—it provides a sanctuary where members can indulge in refined leisure, socialize in a sophisticated atmosphere, and enjoy the timeless beauty of the game. As a symbol of golfing excellence and hospitality, the Southern Highlands Golf Club continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of private golf clubs, inviting individuals to embrace a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.