East Hampton Golf Club East Hampton NY | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of East Hampton, New York, the East Hampton Golf Club stands as a beacon of elegance and sporting excellence. Renowned for its lush fairways, meticulously manicured greens, and a timeless commitment to the art of golf, this exclusive club offers a sanctuary for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of nature and recreation.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a novice looking to embrace the game, East Hampton Golf Club invites you to indulge in a world-class golfing experience, where the scenic beauty of the Hamptons converges with the pursuit of precision on the fairways. Welcome to a haven where golf meets sophistication, and every swing is framed by the serenity of East Hampton’s picturesque surroundings.

East Hampton Golf Club History and Founding

The East Hampton Golf Club, steeped in a rich history of sporting tradition, was founded with a vision to provide an unparalleled golfing experience in the heart of East Hampton, New York. Established in 1999, this esteemed club has since become a bastion of excellence in the world of golf.

Designed by Bill Coore, a visionary in golf course architecture, the East Hampton Golf Club’s layout reflects careful consideration of both the natural topography and the strategic elements essential for an engaging round of golf. Bill Coore brought their expertise to bear, crafting a course that seamlessly integrates with the picturesque surroundings of East Hampton while challenging golfers of all skill levels.

The club’s founders Troon Golf, envisioned a haven where golf enthusiasts could not only refine their skills but also revel in the beauty of their surroundings. Over the years, the East Hampton Golf Club has stood the test of time, evolving into a distinguished institution known for its commitment to the game’s timeless traditions.

Today, as members and guests tread the historic fairways, they become part of a narrative that honors the club’s founders, the architectural brilliance of Bill Coore, and the enduring spirit of golf that permeates the East Hampton Golf Club’s hallowed grounds. It is a place where history and sport converge, offering a golfing experience that transcends time and captivates all who step onto its revered course.

Famous Golf Tournament held at East Hampton Golf Club

There have been several notable golf tournaments held at East Hampton Golf Club in East Hampton, NY, over the years. Here are a few of the most prominent:

  • The East Hampton Invitational: This annual tournament, held in August, is one of the most prestigious amateur events in the Northeast. It has attracted a field of top-ranked amateurs from around the world, including several future PGA Tour players.
  • The New York State Open: This professional tournament, held in June, is one of the oldest and most prestigious open tournaments in the United States. It has been played at East Hampton Golf Club several times in recent years.
  • The Long Island Amateur: This amateur tournament, held in July, is one of the most popular amateur events on Long Island. It has been played at East Hampton Golf Club several times in recent years.
  • The East Hampton Women’s Open: This amateur tournament, held in September, is one of the most popular amateur events for women in the Northeast. It has been played at East Hampton Golf Club several times in recent years.

In addition to these annual tournaments, East Hampton Golf Club has also hosted several other notable events, including the 2002 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship and the 2006 U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship.

The East Hampton Golf Club is a highly respected private golf club located in the heart of the Hamptons. It is known for its challenging and scenic course, as well as its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the East Hampton landscape. The club has hosted a number of prestigious golf tournaments over the years, and it continues to be a popular destination for golfers from all over the world.

East Hampton Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

East Hampton Golf Club in East Hampton, New York is considered to be one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the United States. The club has a long and storied history dating back to the late 19th century, and it has hosted some of the biggest names in golf, including Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus.

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Membership at East Hampton Golf Club is highly coveted, and the club’s membership costs are some of the highest in the country. The initiation fee is reportedly between $500,000 and $1 million, and the annual dues are around $50,000.

In addition to the high membership costs, East Hampton Golf Club is also known for its strict membership criteria. Applicants for membership must be sponsored by two current members of the club, and they must also undergo a rigorous interview process.

Despite the high costs and strict membership criteria, East Hampton Golf Club remains one of the most popular golf clubs in the United States. The club’s beautiful course, its rich history, and its prestigious membership make it a desirable destination for golfers of all levels.

Here are some of the estimated and rumored membership costs and dues for East Hampton Golf Club:

  • Initiation fee: $500,000 to $1 million
  • Annual dues: $50,000
  • Monthly dues: $4,000
  • Food and beverage minimum: $20,000 per year

Please note that these are just estimates, and the actual membership costs may vary.

In addition to the membership costs, there are also a number of other fees that East Hampton Golf Club members must pay, including:

  • Caddie fees: $100 per round
  • Cart fees: $50 per round
  • Locker fees: $500 per year
  • Towel fees: $50 per year

Overall, East Hampton Golf Club is a very expensive club to join and maintain membership. However, for golfers who can afford it, the club offers a world-class golf experience that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

East Hampton Golf Club Amenities

Private golf clubs like East Hampton Golf Club typically offer a range of amenities to enhance the overall experience for their members. Some common amenities found at prestigious golf clubs include:

  1. Championship Golf Course: The primary attraction is, of course, a well-designed and meticulously maintained golf course.
  2. Practice Facilities: Members often have access to practice areas, including driving ranges, putting greens, and chipping areas.
  3. Clubhouse: A clubhouse serves as a hub for social activities, dining, and events. It may include restaurants, lounges, and meeting spaces.
  4. Pro Shop: Members can purchase golf equipment, apparel, and accessories from an on-site pro shop.
  5. Fitness Center: Some country clubs offer fitness facilities with gym equipment, personal trainers, and group classes.
  6. Swimming Pool: A pool provides a refreshing option for relaxation and exercise.
  7. Tennis Courts: Tennis facilities may be available for members who enjoy playing the sport.
  8. Spa and Wellness Services: High-end clubs may offer spa services and wellness programs.
  9. Event Spaces: Private clubs often have banquet and event spaces for weddings, parties, and other gatherings.
  10. Member Events: Exclusive member-only events, tournaments, and social gatherings contribute to a sense of community.

East Hampton Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

The events celebrated at the East Hampton Golf Club can vary, and the club may host a range of activities and gatherings to engage its members. While specific events can change from year to year, here are some common types of events that golf clubs often celebrate:

  1. Golf Tournaments: The club may organize various golf tournaments, including member championships, charity events, and special tournaments with unique formats.
  2. Member Mixers: Social events or mixers provide opportunities for members to connect, network, and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting.
  3. Holiday Celebrations: Clubs often host special events or themed dinners during holidays, bringing members together to celebrate festive occasions.
  4. Dining Events: Exclusive dining events, such as wine tastings, chef’s dinners, or themed culinary nights, can be organized for members.
  5. Club Anniversaries: Milestone anniversaries of the club’s founding or other significant events may be celebrated with special activities and gatherings.
  6. Junior Golf Events: Events aimed at junior golfers, such as junior tournaments or clinics, can contribute to fostering a love for the game among younger members.
  7. Club Championships: Annual championships, stroke play, or match play events that showcase the club’s top golfers and create a sense of friendly competition.
  8. Themed Parties: Clubs may host themed parties or events, providing a fun and social atmosphere for members to enjoy.

Here are some general expectations for dining options at private golf clubs like East Hampton Golf Club :

  1. Clubhouse Restaurant: Many golf clubs have a clubhouse with a restaurant that offers a range of dining options, from casual to fine dining.
  2. Bar and Lounge: Clubs often have a bar and lounge area where members can relax and enjoy beverages, including cocktails and specialty drinks.
  3. Special Events and Catering: Private clubs may host special dining events, and themed dinners, and offer catering services for private functions and celebrations.
  4. Seasonal Menus: Dining options might include seasonal menus that take advantage of fresh, local ingredients.
  5. Member Events: Some clubs organize exclusive dining events for members, fostering a sense of community.

East Hampton Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The dress code and guest policy at the East Hampton Golf Club, like those at many private golf clubs, are typically designed to maintain a certain level of decorum and uphold the club’s standards. However, these policies can vary, and it’s crucial to refer to the specific guidelines set by the East Hampton Golf Club. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Attire: Proper golf attire is usually required on the course. This often includes collared shirts, tailored golf shorts or slacks, and golf shoes with soft spikes. Denim and cargo shorts are often discouraged.
  2. Clubhouse Attire: The dress code in the clubhouse may be more relaxed but still typically requires neat and casual clothing. Some clubs may have specific requirements for different areas of the clubhouse.
  3. Prohibited Items: Items such as athletic shorts, flip-flops, swimwear, and torn or overly casual clothing may be restricted in certain areas.

Guest Policy:

  1. Accompanied by Members: Guests may need to be accompanied by a member of the club. The number of guests allowed per member and any associated fees can vary.
  2. Reservation Requirements: Advance reservations for tee times, dining, or other club amenities may be necessary for guests.
  3. Understanding Rules: Guests are generally expected to adhere to the club’s rules and policies during their visit.

East Hampton Golf Club stands as a distinguished haven for golf enthusiasts, nestled in the scenic beauty of East Hampton, New York. With a rich history, a meticulously designed championship golf course, and a commitment to excellence, the club offers an unparalleled experience for members and guests alike. Beyond the fairways, the club’s amenities, dining options, and adherence to a thoughtful dress code and guest policy contribute to a refined and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether one seeks the challenge of a well-designed course, the camaraderie of exclusive member events, or the enjoyment of exquisite dining, the East Hampton Golf Club encapsulates the essence of a premier golfing destination. It is a place where tradition meets modernity, and every visit promises a harmonious blend of sporting excellence and the timeless allure of East Hampton’s landscapes.

Disclaimer: CountryClubMag.com is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.