Peddie Golf Club East Windsor NJ | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

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Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of East Windsor, New Jersey, the Peddie Golf Club stands as a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience. With its lush fairways and meticulously designed course, this club offers a haven for golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to take up the game, Peddie Golf Club promises a blend of natural beauty and challenging play that will keep you coming back for more. Discover the perfect blend of tranquility and excitement in the heart of East Windsor at Peddie Golf Club.

Peddie Golf Club History and Founding

Peddie Golf Club, located in East Windsor, New Jersey, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1923. The club was established by Walter Peddie, a prominent figure in the East Windsor community. Inspired by his love for golf and a vision to create a welcoming haven for golf enthusiasts, Peddie played a pivotal role in bringing this golf club to life.

The course was designed by famed golf course architect Donald Ross, known for his expertise in crafting challenging yet aesthetically pleasing courses. Donald Ross’s design philosophy emphasized natural beauty and strategic play, which is evident in the layout of Peddie Golf Club. His signature design elements, such as undulating greens and strategically placed bunkers, provide a unique and enjoyable golfing experience for players of all levels.

Throughout the years, Peddie Golf Club has remained true to its founding principles, offering a picturesque and meticulously maintained golf course that continues to captivate golfers with its timeless charm and challenging design. Today, the club stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Walter Peddie and the genius of Donald Ross, inviting golf enthusiasts to enjoy the game in a beautiful and historic setting.

Famous Golf Tournament held at Peddie Golf Club

The Peddie Golf Club in East Windsor, New Jersey, has hosted a number of famous golf tournaments over the years. Some of the most notable include:

  • LPGA Tour’s ShopRite Classic: The ShopRite Classic is a women’s professional golf tournament that has been held at Peddie Golf Club since 1986. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments on the LPGA Tour and has been won by some of the greatest players in the game, including Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa, and Stacy Lewis.
  • New Jersey State Open: The New Jersey State Open is a professional golf tournament that has been held at Peddie Golf Club on several occasions, most recently in 2019. It is one of the most important tournaments on the New Jersey golf calendar and has been won by some of the state’s best players, including Bruce Crampton, Dennis Walters, and Brian Gaffney.
  • Metropolitan Golf Association Amateur Championship: The Metropolitan Golf Association Amateur Championship is one of the most prestigious amateur golf tournaments in the United States. It has been held at Peddie Golf Club on several occasions, most recently in 2018. The tournament has been won by some of the greatest amateur golfers in the country, including Ben Crenshaw, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods.

In addition to these tournaments, Peddie Golf Club has also hosted a number of other notable events, including the PGA Tour’s New Jersey Open, the Nationwide Tour’s Atlantic City Classic, and the Senior PGA Tour’s Bank of America Championship.

The Peddie Golf Club is a challenging and beautiful course that has been praised by some of the best golfers in the world. It is a fitting venue for these prestigious tournaments and has helped to cement Peddie’s reputation as one of the premier golf clubs in the United States.

Peddie Golf Club Membership Costs and Dues

Peddie Golf Club is a private golf club located in East Windsor, New Jersey. It is a challenging 18-hole, par-72 course that is known for its well-maintained fairways and greens. The club also has a comfortable clubhouse with a restaurant and bar.

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Peddie Golf Club offers a variety of membership options, including:

  • Full Golf Membership: This membership gives you unlimited access to the golf course, as well as the clubhouse and its amenities. The current estimated cost of a Full Golf Membership for a single is $3,500, and for a family is $4,900.
  • Weekday Premier Membership: This membership gives you unlimited access to the golf course on weekdays, as well as the clubhouse and its amenities. The current estimated cost of a Weekday Premier Membership is $1,900.
  • Junior Membership: This membership is available to golfers under the age of 18. It gives you unlimited access to the golf course, as well as the clubhouse and its amenities. The current estimated cost of a Junior Membership is $450.

In addition to the membership fee, there is also a monthly dues payment. The current estimated monthly dues payment for a Full Golf Membership is $400, and for a Weekday Premier Membership is $250.

It is important to note that these are just estimates, and the actual membership costs and dues may vary.

Peddie Golf Club Amenities

Peddie Golf Club in East Windsor, New Jersey, provided various amenities and facilities to its members.

Here are some typical amenities you might find at a private golf club like Peddie Golf Club:

  1. Golf Course: Peddie Golf Club is primarily known for its golf course, designed by Donald Ross. Members can enjoy playing rounds of golf on this well-maintained and challenging course.
  2. Practice Facilities: Many golf clubs offer practice areas, which may include a driving range, putting greens, and chipping areas for members to improve their golf skills.
  3. Clubhouse: The clubhouse often serves as the social hub of the club. It typically offers dining facilities, a bar or lounge area, and spaces for social events.
  4. Dining: Members can enjoy dining options, ranging from casual to formal, within the clubhouse. Some clubs also have private dining rooms for special occasions and events.
  5. Pro Shop: A pro shop is usually available, offering golf equipment, apparel, and accessories for purchase.
  6. Private Events: Many private golf clubs host weddings, private parties, and corporate events. They often have event spaces and catering services.
  7. Swimming Pool: Some golf clubs have swimming pools and related amenities, allowing members to relax and cool off during the summer months.
  8. Tennis Courts: In addition to golf, some clubs offer tennis facilities, including courts and coaching.
  9. Fitness Facilities: Clubs may have fitness centers or gyms for members looking to stay active beyond the golf course.
  10. Locker Rooms: Private country clubs typically provide locker rooms for members, complete with amenities like showers and changing areas.
  11. Social and Recreational Activities: Clubs often organize social and recreational activities for members, such as tournaments, leagues, and themed events.
  12. Club Membership Events: Member-only events like member-guest tournaments, wine tastings, and holiday celebrations are common at private clubs.

Peddie Golf Club Event Information and Dining Options

Peddie Golf Club, like many private golf clubs, offers a variety of events and occasions that members can celebrate. While the specific events and celebrations may vary from year to year, here are some common types of events that you might find at a golf club like Peddie:

  1. Golf Tournaments: Members often celebrate and compete in various golf tournaments throughout the year. These may include club championships, member-guest events, and charity tournaments.
  2. Social Gatherings: The club may organize social events and gatherings for members. These could include holiday parties, themed dinners, cocktail receptions, and informal get-togethers.
  3. Private Events: Peddie Golf Club may host private events for members, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and corporate meetings. The club’s facilities are often available for rent for these special occasions.
  4. Dining Events: Dining events could range from wine and food tastings to special chef’s menus and themed dining nights. These events allow members to enjoy unique culinary experiences.
  5. Junior Programs: Many golf clubs offer junior golf programs and junior member events to celebrate the achievements and progress of young golfers.
  6. Member Milestones: Clubs often celebrate significant milestones of their members, such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and retirement parties.
  7. Golf Clinics and Workshops: Celebrate your golf game by participating in clinics and workshops designed to improve your skills and knowledge of the game.
  8. Club Championships: These are competitive events where members compete for club titles in various categories.
  9. Charity Events: Many clubs host charity fundraisers, allowing members to participate in events that support a good cause.
  10. Guest Days: Clubs sometimes organize guest days where members can invite friends and family to enjoy the club’s facilities and golf course.

The dining options at Peddie Golf Club may include a variety of choices to cater to the tastes and preferences of its members. While specific offerings can change over time, here are typical dining options you might find at a private golf club like Peddie:

  1. Clubhouse Restaurant: Many golf clubs have a clubhouse restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These restaurants often offer a range of dishes, including American and international cuisine.
  2. Grill Room: A grill room is a more casual dining area within the clubhouse, providing a relaxed atmosphere for members to enjoy meals and socialize.
  3. Bar or Lounge: Clubs typically have a bar or lounge area where members can relax, enjoy drinks, and watch sporting events on TV.
  4. Specialty Dining Nights: Some clubs host specialty dining nights where members can enjoy unique menus, such as steak nights, seafood nights, or wine and dine evenings.
  5. Themed Dinners: Periodically, the club may host themed dinners or events, such as holiday feasts, Italian nights, or BBQ cookouts.
  6. Private Dining Rooms: Private dining rooms are often available for members who want to host personal or corporate events with customized menus and personalized service.
  7. Catering Services: The club may offer catering services for both on-site and off-site events, allowing members to enjoy the club’s culinary offerings at their chosen location.
  8. Brunches: Clubs often serve brunch on weekends or for special occasions. Brunch menus can include a variety of breakfast and lunch options.
  9. Seasonal Menus: The club’s dining options may change with the seasons, featuring fresh and seasonal ingredients.
  10. Chef’s Specials: Look out for chef’s specials and daily menu additions that showcase the culinary creativity of the club’s kitchen staff.

Peddie Golf Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Dress codes and guest policies at private golf clubs like Peddie Golf Club are typically established to maintain a certain level of decorum, safety, and respect for the club’s traditions and other members. While these policies can vary from one club to another, here are some general guidelines that you might expect at a private golf club:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Attire: Golf clubs often require members and guests to adhere to a specific golf dress code. This typically includes collared shirts, slacks or golf shorts, and golf-appropriate footwear. Denim, cargo shorts, and athletic wear are typically discouraged on the golf course.
  2. Footwear: Golf shoes with soft spikes are often required on the golf course to protect the turf. Many clubs also allow spikeless golf shoes or specific types of athletic shoes.
  3. Clubhouse Attire: The dress code for the clubhouse and dining areas may be more relaxed but still requires neat and clean attire. T-shirts, flip-flops, and swimwear are usually not permitted in these areas.
  4. Special Events: Formal events or certain dining areas may have more specific dress code requirements. Members and guests may need to wear jackets or formal wear on these occasions.

Guest Policy:

  1. Member Sponsorship: Typically, members are required to sponsor and accompany their guests at the club. Members are often responsible for the behavior and adherence to club rules by their guests.
  2. Guest Limits: Clubs may impose limitations on the number of times a particular guest can visit or the number of guests a member can bring on a given day.
  3. Green Fees and Charges: Guests are usually required to pay green fees or guest charges to use the golf course. These fees can vary from club to club.
  4. Registration: Guests typically need to register at the clubhouse or pro shop upon arrival. This registration helps the club keep track of guests on the premises.
  5. Courtesy and Respect: Both members and their guests are expected to be courteous, respectful, and considerate of the club’s rules and other members.

Peddie Golf Club, nestled in the scenic beauty of East Windsor, New Jersey, is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking a well-designed course, a warm and welcoming community, and a place to celebrate the spirit of the game. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1923, this club carries the legacy of its founder, Walter Peddie, and the genius of architect Donald Ross. While offering golf as its primary focus, Peddie Golf Club also extends its embrace to a range of amenities, including dining options and events that make membership a complete experience.

As the club continues to evolve and cater to the changing needs of its members, one thing remains constant – the allure of its well-manicured fairways and the camaraderie of those who share a passion for golf. Whether you’re sharpening your skills, indulging in fine dining, or celebrating special occasions, Peddie Golf Club is a place where moments become memories, and the love for the game endures.

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.