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The Club at Spurwing Meridian ID | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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Welcome to The Club at SpurWing, an exclusive haven nestled in the heart of Meridian, Idaho. As you step into this enchanting oasis, you’ll discover a world of refined luxury and unparalleled amenities that cater to your every desire. Whether you’re drawn to the lush fairways of the championship golf course, the serene tranquility of the spa and wellness center, or the gourmet dining experiences that tantalize your palate, The Club at SpurWing offers an extraordinary escape from the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a community that harmoniously blends natural beauty with sophisticated elegance, inviting you to create unforgettable memories and forge lasting connections. Welcome to a life of boundless possibilities at The Club at SpurWing.

The Club at Spurwing History and Founding

The history of The Club at SpurWing is a tale of visionary ambition and dedication to creating an unparalleled haven of luxury and leisure. Founded in 1994, this prestigious establishment was the brainchild of Roger Anderson, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating exceptional experiences.

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Meridian, Idaho landscape, Roger Anderson envisioned a community that seamlessly blended the natural wonders of the area with world-class amenities. With a deep appreciation for golf, Roger Anderson set out to design a championship golf course that would challenge and delight players of all skill levels. This course would become the centerpiece of The Club at SpurWing, a testament to the dedication and expertise that went into its creation.

Ground was broken, and saw the completion of the magnificent golf course, which quickly garnered acclaim for its stunning design and impeccable playing conditions. The Club at SpurWing soon became synonymous with luxury living, attracting discerning individuals and families seeking a refined and vibrant community.

Over the years, The Club at SpurWing continued to evolve, adding a diverse range of amenities to cater to the evolving desires of its members. From a state-of-the-art spa and wellness center to gourmet dining experiences that tantalize the palate, the club’s commitment to excellence has remained unwavering. The architect of the golf course at The Club at SpurWing in Meridian, Idaho is Myron Tucker. Tucker is a golf course architect who has designed over 100 courses in the United States.

Today, The Club at SpurWing stands as a testament to the vision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to quality that defined its founding. It is a place where residents and members not only enjoy world-class facilities but also become part of a vibrant and welcoming community. As we reflect on the history and founding of The Club at SpurWing, we are reminded that it is not just a destination, but a legacy that continues to thrive and inspire.

The Club at Spurwing Membership Costs and Dues

From speaking with GM Jason Bideganeta, here are the general membership costs and dues for The Club at Spurwing Meridian ID:

the club at spurwing
  • Initiation fee:
    • Full golf: $40,000
    • Individual golf: $26,000
    • Junior executive golf: $26,000
    • Social golf: $17,000
    • National golf: $30,000
    • Golf: $21,000
  • Annual dues:
    • Full golf: $8,820
    • Individual golf: $6,600
    • Junior executive golf: $6,600
    • Social golf: $4,980
    • National golf: $6,600
    • Golf: $4,980

However, it is important to note that these are just estimates and rumored costs, and the actual costs may vary. In addition to the initiation fee and annual dues, members may also be required to pay for other fees, such as cart fees, guest fees, and dining fees. The specific fees will vary depending on the membership level.

The Club at Spurwing Amenities

The Club at SpurWing offers a wide range of luxurious amenities designed to provide members and residents with a comprehensive and exceptional experience.

Here are some of the amenities that were typically offered at The Club at SpurWing:

  1. Championship Golf Course: A centerpiece of the club, the championship golf course is meticulously designed to challenge and delight golfers of all skill levels. With stunning views and expertly crafted holes, it offers an unforgettable golfing experience.
  2. Clubhouse: The clubhouse serves as a hub for socializing, dining, and relaxation. It often includes elegant dining options, lounges, and event spaces suitable for various occasions.
  3. Pro Shop: The pro shop provides a selection of golf equipment, apparel, and accessories for both casual and serious golfers.
  4. Practice Facilities: Members can hone their golfing skills at practice facilities that may include putting greens, driving ranges, and chipping areas.
  5. Fitness Center: A state-of-the-art fitness center equipped with modern exercise machines and facilities to support members’ health and wellness goals.
  6. Swimming Pool: A well-maintained swimming pool area where members can cool off, relax, and enjoy the sun.
  7. Spa and Wellness Center: A spa offering a range of relaxation and wellness treatments, providing a serene escape from everyday stresses.
  8. Tennis Courts: Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy well-maintained courts for recreational and competitive play.
  9. Social Events: The country club often organizes a variety of social events, including themed parties, holiday celebrations, and community gatherings.
  10. Dining Options: Multiple dining venues that cater to various tastes, offering gourmet cuisine and a comfortable atmosphere for members to enjoy meals together.
  11. Private Event Spaces: The club may offer private event spaces for hosting weddings, meetings, and other special occasions.
  12. Children’s Activities: Kid-friendly amenities and activities, such as children’s play areas or camps, to ensure that families can have a great experience.

The Club at Spurwing Event Information and Dining Options

The Club at Spurwing is a private country club in Meridian, Idaho that offers a variety of event spaces for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and other special occasions. The club has two main event spaces:

Event Information: The Club at SpurWing is likely to host a variety of events throughout the year, catering to the interests of its members. These events might include:

  1. Golf Tournaments: Regularly scheduled golf tournaments and competitions for members of all skill levels.
  2. Holiday Celebrations: Special events and themed parties for major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and more.
  3. Social Mixers: Opportunities for members to socialize and connect through cocktail parties, networking events, and themed gatherings.
  4. Concerts and Entertainment: Live music performances, outdoor concerts, and entertainment evenings.
  5. Themed Dinners: Specialty dining events featuring gourmet cuisine paired with wine or other beverages, often with a specific theme.
  6. Family-Friendly Events: Activities designed for families, such as kids’ parties, family picnics, and outdoor movie nights.
  7. Wellness Workshops: Workshops, seminars, and classes focused on health, fitness, and well-being.

Dining Options: The dining options at The Club at SpurWing are likely to provide a range of culinary experiences to cater to various tastes and occasions:

  1. Fine Dining Restaurant: A refined dining space offering an elegant atmosphere and a menu featuring gourmet dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients.
  2. Casual Dining: A more relaxed dining area where members can enjoy a variety of classic and contemporary dishes in a comfortable setting.
  3. Outdoor Patio: An al fresco dining area where members can savor their meals while enjoying views of the golf course or surrounding scenery.
  4. Bar and Lounge: A place to unwind with a selection of beverages, including cocktails, wine, and craft beers, along with light bites.
  5. Private Dining: Exclusive spaces for hosting private parties, special occasions, and intimate gatherings.

Menus may include a mix of American and international cuisine, and the club might also offer special menus for events or themed dinners.

The Club at Spurwing Dress Code and Guest Policy

Dress codes and guest policies at private clubs like The Club at SpurWing are typically designed to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect for the club’s atmosphere and its members.

Dress Code: The dress code at The Club at SpurWing is likely to reflect a balance between a relaxed and upscale ambiance. Some typical guidelines for dress codes at private clubs include:

  1. Golf Attire: On the golf course, proper golf attire is usually required. This typically includes collared shirts, tailored shorts or pants, and golf shoes with soft spikes. Denim, gym shorts, and athletic wear might be discouraged on the course.
  2. Clubhouse and Dining: The clubhouse may have a more upscale dress code, especially in dining areas. Collared shirts, dresses, slacks, and appropriate footwear are often expected. Jeans might be allowed but with a neat and clean appearance.
  3. Swimming Pool: Proper swim attire is generally required at the pool area, which means bathing suits and appropriate cover-ups. Torn or excessively revealing swimwear might be discouraged.
  4. Fitness Center: Activewear suitable for exercise is typically appropriate in fitness areas.
  5. Events: Dress codes for special events or themed dinners may vary. It’s a good idea to check with the club regarding specific event dress requirements.

Guest Policy: Private clubs often have guest policies in place to ensure a comfortable experience for both members and their guests. Some aspects of a guest policy might include:

  1. Guest Access: Members usually have the privilege to invite guests to the club. The number of times a guest can visit might be limited or subject to certain rules.
  2. Accompanying Members: Guests may need to be accompanied by a member when using club facilities, depending on the policy.
  3. Check-In: Members may be required to register their guests upon arrival, and guests may need to adhere to the club’s rules and regulations.
  4. Fees: There might be guest fees associated with certain activities or amenities, which members would typically cover.
  5. Dress Code: Guests are often expected to adhere to the club’s dress code, just like members.

The Club at SpurWing stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury, leisure, and community spirit. With its meticulously designed championship golf course, elegant clubhouse, and an array of exceptional amenities, the club offers a haven where members can indulge in their passions, forge meaningful connections, and create lasting memories.

From the exhilarating challenges of the fairways to the tranquil escape of the spa, every facet of The Club at SpurWing is crafted to elevate the quality of life for its members. Whether savoring gourmet cuisine in the company of friends, celebrating special occasions in style, or simply enjoying picturesque surroundings, the club provides an exclusive sanctuary where every moment is an experience to be cherished.

Rooted in a rich history of visionary ambition, The Club at SpurWing continues to evolve, setting new standards of excellence in the realm of private club offerings. As a vibrant community that embodies both sophistication and warmth, it beckons individuals and families to partake in a lifestyle that celebrates the finer things in life while fostering connections that enrich the soul.

Ultimately, The Club at SpurWing transcends being a mere destination; it is a destination that transforms into a second home, a place where dreams are pursued, bonds are nurtured, and a legacy of exceptional living is woven into every fiber of its existence. Welcome to a world of refined elegance, where every detail is thoughtfully curated, and every experience is designed to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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