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Cedar Ridge Country Club Broken Arrow OK | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

Disclaimer: CountryClubMag.com is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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Welcome to Cedar Ridge Country Club, nestled in the heart of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where a world of refined luxury and exceptional recreational experiences await. As an oasis of tranquility and sophistication, Cedar Ridge Country Club invites you to embrace a lifestyle of leisure and community. Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic landscapes, our private club offers an exclusive retreat for golf enthusiasts, social gatherings, and unparalleled amenities.

Whether you seek the challenge of our meticulously designed golf course, the camaraderie of fellow members, or the exquisite dining options, Cedar Ridge Country Club is more than a destination—it’s a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Join us and discover the epitome of Southern hospitality and timeless elegance at Cedar Ridge Country Club.

Cedar Ridge Country Club History and Founding

Cedar Ridge Country Club, located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, boasts a rich history and legacy that traces its roots back to its founding. Established in 1969, the club was envisioned as a premier destination for those seeking a distinguished and exclusive recreational experience.

Central to Cedar Ridge’s allure is its meticulously designed golf course, a masterpiece crafted by renowned golf course architect Joe Finger. With a keen eye for blending the natural beauty of the Oklahoma landscape with challenging and rewarding golf layouts, Joe Finger created a course that stands as a testament to both artistry and playability. The course at Cedar Ridge Country Club reflects a commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience for players of all skill levels.

Over the years, Cedar Ridge Country Club has evolved into a cherished community hub, offering not only a world-class golfing experience but also a range of amenities that cater to the diverse interests of its members. From exquisite dining options to social events and recreational facilities, the club continues to uphold its founding principles of excellence, exclusivity, and a commitment to fostering lasting connections among its members.

As you step onto the grounds of Cedar Ridge Country Club, you become part of a storied legacy that celebrates the traditions of the past while embracing the aspirations of the future. Whether you are an avid golfer, a connoisseur of fine dining, or someone seeking a welcoming community, Cedar Ridge Country Club stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its founders and the architects who shaped its legacy.

Cedar Ridge Country Club Membership Costs and Dues

Cedar Ridge Country Club, a family-oriented private club in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, doesn’t publicly disclose its membership costs and dues. However, based on available information and rumors circulating online, here’s an estimated range:

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Initiation Fee:

  • Individual: $15,000 – $25,000
  • Family: $25,000 – $35,000
  • Corporate: $50,000 – $75,000

Monthly Dues:

  • Individual: $500 – $750
  • Family: $750 – $1,000
  • Corporate: $1,000 – $1,500

Additional Costs:

  • Food and beverage minimum: Some sources mention a monthly minimum spend of $200 on food and beverages.
  • Special assessments: Members may be subject to occasional special assessments for clubhouse renovations or other capital improvements.

These are just estimates and rumors, and the actual costs may vary depending on membership type, negotiation, and other factors.

Cedar Ridge Country Club Amenities

While specific details about Cedar Ridge Country Club’s amenities can change over time, private country clubs generally offer a range of facilities and services to cater to the diverse interests of their members.

Here are some common amenities you might find at country clubs like Cedar Ridge:

  1. Golf Course: Typically, country clubs are known for their golf courses. Cedar Ridge Country Club, being a golf-focused club, likely offers a meticulously designed golf course for its members.
  2. Clubhouse: A clubhouse often serves as the central gathering place. It may include dining facilities, lounges, and event spaces for socializing and special occasions.
  3. Dining: Country clubs often have formal and casual dining options, ranging from fine dining restaurants to casual cafes. Members can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences on-site.
  4. Tennis Courts: Tennis enthusiasts may have access to well-maintained tennis courts for recreational play and organized events.
  5. Swimming Pool: Many country clubs have swimming facilities, including pools for relaxation and aquatic activities.
  6. Fitness Center: Some clubs provide fitness facilities equipped with exercise machines, group fitness classes, and personal training services.
  7. Social Events: Country clubs frequently organize social events and activities for members, such as themed parties, holiday celebrations, and networking opportunities.
  8. Spa Services: Higher-end clubs may offer spa and wellness services, including massages, facials, and other relaxation treatments.
  9. Junior Programs: Family-oriented clubs often have programs and facilities catering to younger members, including kids’ activities, camps, and family-friendly events.
  10. Private Events: Members may have access to spaces for hosting private events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, or family celebrations.

Cedar Ridge Country Club Event Information and Dining Options

Cedar Ridge Country Club, like many private country clubs, may host a variety of events and celebrations throughout the year to provide members with social, recreational, and community-building opportunities. While specific events can vary, here are some common types of celebrations and activities that you might find at Cedar Ridge Country Club:

  1. Golf Tournaments: Regular golf tournaments and competitions for members, often with different formats and themes.
  2. Holiday Celebrations: Special events or parties for major holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, and more.
  3. Themed Parties: Fun and creative parties with specific themes, such as costume parties, casino nights, or tropical luaus.
  4. Culinary Events: Wine tastings, chef’s dinners, and other culinary experiences that showcase the club’s dining offerings.
  5. Family Days: Events designed for families, including activities for children, family picnics, and outdoor games.
  6. Charity Events: Fundraising events or charity tournaments that allow members to contribute to a good cause while enjoying social activities.
  7. Sports Events Viewing: Gatherings to watch major sporting events together, creating a festive and communal atmosphere.
  8. Concerts and Entertainment: Live music events, concerts, or entertainment nights featuring local performers or guest artists.
  9. Fitness Challenges: Health and wellness events, including fitness challenges, group workouts, and wellness workshops.
  10. Seasonal Celebrations: Events that celebrate the changing seasons, such as spring brunches, summer barbecues, and fall harvest festivals.
  11. Member Milestones: Recognizing and celebrating significant milestones for members, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements.
  12. Educational Workshops: Workshops or seminars on topics of interest, ranging from golf techniques to culinary arts.

Specific dining options at Cedar Ridge Country Club can vary, and the club may offer a range of choices to cater to the diverse preferences of its members. Here are some common dining options that you might find at Cedar Ridge Country Club or a similar private country club:

  1. Formal Dining Room: Elegant and refined, the formal dining room is often reserved for special occasions, fine dining experiences, and a more upscale atmosphere.
  2. Casual Dining: A relaxed and comfortable setting for everyday meals, casual dining areas typically have a more laid-back atmosphere and may feature a diverse menu.
  3. Bar and Lounge: A social space where members can enjoy drinks, snacks, and a more casual setting. It’s often a place for socializing after golf rounds or other activities.
  4. Outdoor Dining: Weather permitting, outdoor dining areas provide a scenic backdrop for meals, allowing members to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.
  5. Private Dining Rooms: Exclusive spaces for members to host private events, meetings, or special celebrations.
  6. Snack Bar or Grill: A more informal setting offering quick bites, sandwiches, and snacks, ideal for a casual and quick meal.
  7. Catering Services: The club may provide catering services for private events, both on and off-site, allowing members to host special occasions with customized menus.
  8. Specialty Nights: Themed culinary nights, such as Italian nights, seafood buffets, or barbecue events, providing variety and a unique dining experience.
  9. Social Events with Dining: Many events and celebrations at the club are likely to include catering or dining options, making them social and culinary experiences.

Cedar Ridge Country Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

The dress code and guest policy at Cedar Ridge Country Club, like at many private clubs, are designed to maintain a certain level of decorum and uphold the club’s atmosphere. Here are general expectations for dress code and guest policies at private country clubs:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Course:
    • Typically, golfers are expected to wear proper golf attire, including collared shirts and tailored shorts or slacks.
    • Golf shoes with soft spikes may be required.
    • Some clubs may have specific rules regarding the type of golf attire allowed.
  2. Dining Areas:
    • Formal dining areas often have a more formal dress code, requiring business casual or formal attire.
    • Casual dining areas may have a more relaxed dress code, but still typically require neat and presentable clothing.
  3. Pool and Fitness Areas:
    • Swimwear is generally restricted to pool and fitness areas.
    • Fitness areas may require athletic or workout attire.
  4. Clubhouse and Common Areas:
    • Neat, clean, and appropriate attire is expected in clubhouse and common areas.
    • Some clubs may have specific requirements for different times of the day or special events.

Guest Policy:

  1. Accompanied Guests:
    • Guests may be allowed but are often required to be accompanied by a member.
    • Members are typically responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to club policies.
  2. Guest Limits:
    • Clubs may have restrictions on the number of times the same guest can visit within a specified period.
  3. Registration:
    • Guests may need to register upon arrival, and some clubs may charge guest fees.
  4. Guest Dress Code:
    • Guests are generally expected to adhere to the same dress code as members.

Cedar Ridge Country Club stands as a distinguished haven for those seeking a blend of refined leisure, camaraderie, and recreational excellence in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. From its meticulously designed golf course crafted by renowned architects to its elegant clubhouse and a spectrum of amenities, the club offers a premium experience steeped in Southern hospitality.

The legacy of Cedar Ridge is woven into its commitment to excellence, exclusivity, and fostering lasting connections among its members. As members step onto its verdant grounds, they enter not just a club but a timeless retreat where the traditions of the past meet the aspirations of the future. Cedar Ridge Country Club embodies a commitment to providing an unparalleled lifestyle for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Disclaimer: CountryClubMag.com is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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