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Nestled along the captivating coastline of Cape Cod, Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts, is a charming and exclusive destination that beckons with its timeless beauty and coastal allure. This idyllic community is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, and rich maritime heritage. Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat or an active seaside adventure, Eastward Ho! offers a perfect blend of tranquility and recreation.

From its historic lighthouse to the quaint charm of Chatham Village, this coastal haven invites visitors to immerse themselves in the quintessential New England experience. Join us on a journey through Eastward Ho!, where the whispers of the Atlantic breeze and the echoes of maritime history create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Eastward Ho History and Founding

Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts, traces its roots back to the early 20th century when it was founded as a golf and country club. The club was established in 1922 by a group of prominent individuals seeking to create a distinguished retreat on the enchanting Cape Cod. Among the visionaries behind its inception was the renowned golf course architect, Herbert Fowler.

Herbert Fowler, a distinguished British golf course designer, is credited with crafting the initial layout of the Eastward Ho! golf course. His expertise and innovative design principles left an indelible mark on the club, contributing to its reputation as one of the premier golf destinations on Cape Cod.

Throughout the years, Eastward Ho! has evolved into a multifaceted private community, offering not only a superb golfing experience but also an array of amenities and a unique coastal lifestyle. The architecture and design of the community reflect a blend of classic Cape Cod charm and timeless elegance.

Eastward Ho! stands as a testament to its rich history, embodying the vision of its founders and the enduring legacy of Herbert Fowler’s architectural prowess. As members and visitors explore the meticulously manicured grounds and the character-filled structures, they connect with a storied past that continues to shape the unique identity of Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Eastward Ho Membership Costs and Dues

Unfortunately, Eastward Ho! is a very private club and does not publicly disclose its membership costs or dues. This is common for exclusive clubs like Eastward Ho! They often rely on personal referrals and maintain a waiting list for potential members.

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However, based on various sources here are the estimated cost:

Estimated Costs:

  • Initiation fee: Rumored to be six figures, potentially in the $250,000 – $500,000 range.
  • Annual dues: Estimated to be $15,000 – $30,000, depending on membership type and any additional fees.
  • Monthly minimum spend: Some speculate a food and beverage minimum spend might exist, but this is unconfirmed.

Additional Factors:

  • Waiting list: Eastward Ho! is known to have a long waiting list, potentially years long.
  • Membership types: There may be different membership tiers with varying costs and benefits.
  • Financial requirements: Some rumors suggest proof of financial stability might be required for membership.

Important Note:

  • These are just estimates and rumors, not official information from Eastward Ho! The actual costs and requirements might be different.
  • The club is very selective in its membership selection, and simply having the money may not guarantee membership.

Eastward Ho Amenities

Generally, private clubs like Eastward Ho! offer a range of amenities to enhance the overall experience for their members. Some common amenities at golf and country clubs include:

  1. Championship Golf Course: Eastward Ho! is primarily known for its golf course. It’s likely to offer a meticulously designed and well-maintained course for members to enjoy.
  2. Clubhouse: A central hub for members, the clubhouse often includes dining facilities, social spaces, and sometimes overnight accommodations. It’s a place where members can gather, dine, and participate in club events.
  3. Dining Facilities: Private country clubs often feature restaurants or dining rooms offering a variety of culinary options. Members may have access to formal dining, casual dining, and sometimes private dining rooms.
  4. Tennis Facilities: Some clubs include tennis courts and facilities for members who enjoy playing tennis as part of their recreational activities.
  5. Swimming Pool: A swimming pool is a common amenity at many private clubs, providing members with a place to relax and enjoy some leisure time.
  6. Fitness Center: A fitness facility equipped with exercise machines and sometimes offering fitness classes can be part of the amenities package.
  7. Social Events: Private clubs often organize social events, parties, and gatherings to foster a sense of community among members.
  8. Pro Shop: A pro shop is typically available for members to purchase golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.
  9. Locker Rooms: Well-appointed locker rooms with amenities like showers, changing areas, and storage for members’ convenience.
  10. Spa Services: Some higher-end clubs may offer spa and wellness services for members seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Eastward Ho Event Information and Dining Options

The specific events celebrated at Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts, may vary from year to year and are often determined by the club’s calendar of activities and member preferences. Here are some common types of events that private clubs like Eastward Ho! might celebrate:

  1. Golf Tournaments:
    • Member-Guest Tournaments
    • Club Championships
    • Charity Golf Events
  2. Social Events:
    • Holiday Parties
    • New Year’s Eve Celebrations
    • Fourth of July Festivities
    • Summer Barbecues
    • Oktoberfest or Fall Festivals
    • Themed Parties or Galas
  3. Dining Events:
    • Wine Tastings
    • Chef’s Special Dinners
    • Sunday Brunches
    • Outdoor Dining Events
  4. Community Engagement:
    • Charity Fundraisers
    • Local Community Events
    • Philanthropic Initiatives
    • Golf or Tennis Clinics for Members
  5. Recreational Events:
    • Tennis Tournaments
    • Fitness Challenges or Classes
    • Family Fun Days
    • Outdoor Movie Nights
  6. Club Anniversaries:
    • Celebrations marking significant milestones in the club’s history.

Specific details about the dining options at Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts, may vary, here’s the general types of dining options that are commonly found at private clubs:

  1. Formal Dining:
    • Fine dining experiences with a focus on elegant ambiance and a diverse menu. Formal dining options are often available within the clubhouse.
  2. Casual Dining:
    • Relaxed and more informal settings, provide a comfortable atmosphere for members to enjoy a meal or socialize.
  3. Private Dining Rooms:
    • Exclusive spaces for members to host private events, dinners, or gatherings.
  4. Outdoor Dining:
    • Some clubs offer outdoor seating options, providing members with the opportunity to dine al fresco and enjoy the natural surroundings.
  5. Specialty Events:
    • Wine Tastings: Events focused on wine pairings and tastings.
    • Chef’s Dinners: Special dinners featuring unique and expertly crafted menus.
    • Themed Dinners: Occasional dinners with specific themes or cuisines.
  6. Sunday Brunch:
    • Many private clubs offer Sunday brunch options, providing a leisurely and sociable way to start the day.
  7. Bar or Lounge Areas:
    • Informal spaces where members can gather for drinks, light bites, or casual meals.
  8. Catering Services:
    • Some clubs may offer catering services for private events and functions.

Eastward Ho Dress Code and Guest Policy

Private clubs like Eastward Ho! typically have specific dress codes and guest policies in place to maintain a certain atmosphere and uphold the club’s standards. Here are some general expectations often found in private clubs:

Dress Code:

  1. Golf Course:
    • Golf attire is usually required on the course.
    • Collared shirts and golf-appropriate shorts or slacks are common.
    • Golf shoes with soft spikes may be required on the course.
  2. Clubhouse:
    • Formal or business casual dress may be required in certain areas.
    • Collared shirts, dress shoes, and neat, presentable attire are often expected.
    • Some clubs may have specific dress code requirements for different areas of the clubhouse.
  3. Special Events:
    • Formal events may have specific dress code requirements, such as black-tie or cocktail attire.

Guest Policy:

  1. Accompanied Guests:
    • Members typically have the privilege of inviting guests to the club.
    • Guests may need to be accompanied by a member.
  2. Guest Registration:
    • Clubs often require guests to register upon arrival.
    • Some clubs may limit the number of visits for non-members.
  3. Guest Fees:
    • Some clubs charge guest fees for the use of facilities, such as golf courses or dining.
  4. Adherence to Club Rules:
    • Guests are usually expected to adhere to the club’s rules and policies.
    • Members are often responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Eastward Ho! in Chatham, Massachusetts, stands as a distinguished haven that seamlessly blends a rich historical legacy with the allure of a coastal lifestyle. From its meticulously designed golf course, crafted by renowned architect Herbert Fowler, to its refined amenities and exclusive community atmosphere, Eastward Ho! offers a unique experience for its members.

Whether indulging in fine dining, participating in prestigious golf tournaments, or enjoying a range of social events, members find themselves immersed in the timeless charm and elegance that define this private club. As Eastward Ho! continues to evolve, it remains a beacon of classic Cape Cod sophistication, inviting individuals to savor the essence of community, recreation, and coastal beauty.

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Disclaimer: CountryClubMag.com is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.