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Carrollwood Country Club Tampa FL | Membership Cost, Amenities, History, What To Know When Visiting

Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

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Welcome to the Carrollwood Country Club, a premier destination nestled within the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida. Situated in the heart of the charming Carrollwood community, our country club offers an exquisite blend of luxurious amenities, lush greenery, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With a rich history dating back to its establishment, Carrollwood Country Club has become a beloved haven for individuals and families seeking a perfect balance of recreational activities, social gatherings, and refined dining experiences.

Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to conquer our meticulously maintained fairways, a tennis enthusiast eager to engage in spirited matches, or simply seeking a serene setting to relax and connect with friends, Carrollwood Country Club promises an unforgettable experience tailored to your desires. Join us as we embark on a journey of leisure, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments in the heart of Tampa’s vibrant landscape.

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Carrollwood Country Club History and Founding

The history of the Carrollwood Country Club is a testament to its enduring legacy as a cherished landmark in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 1972, the country club was the brainchild of John L. Crotty, who envisioned a place where community members could come together to enjoy recreational pursuits, forge lasting friendships, and savor the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

John L. Crotty collaborated with renowned architect Ed Ault, known for their expertise in crafting elegant and functional spaces that seamlessly blend with the natural environment. Together, they designed an exquisite haven that would later become the Carrollwood Country Club, characterized by its timeless architectural elements, meticulously manicured grounds, and an inviting ambiance that continues to captivate visitors to this day.

The club’s inception marked a significant milestone in the Carrollwood community’s history, providing a haven for individuals and families seeking an escape from the bustle of everyday life. Over the years, the club has evolved into a hub of recreational and social activities, offering an array of amenities such as [mention amenities, e.g., golf courses, tennis courts, dining facilities], all of which contribute to the club’s reputation as a premier destination for leisure and camaraderie.

As we reflect on the past and celebrate the present, the Carrollwood Country Club stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders, the ingenuity of its architect, and the enduring spirit of the community it serves. With each passing year, the club continues to flourish, offering a blend of tradition and modernity that ensures its place as a cherished landmark in Tampa’s cultural and recreational landscape.

Carrollwood Country Club Membership Costs and Dues

The estimated and rumored membership costs and dues for Carrollwood Country Club in Tampa, Florida are as follows:

carrollwood country club
  • Full Golf Membership: Initiation fee of $100,000 and monthly dues of $1,200.
  • Junior Executive Golf Membership (under 40 years of age): Initiation fee of $50,000 and monthly dues of $900.
  • Tennis Membership: Initiation fee of $25,000 and monthly dues of $700.
  • Social Membership: Initiation fee of $10,000 and monthly dues of $500.

Here are some additional details about the membership costs and dues at Carrollwood Country Club:

  • The initiation fee is a one-time payment that is required for all new members.
  • The monthly dues are paid on a monthly basis and cover the cost of maintaining the club’s facilities and amenities, as well as providing members with access to golf, tennis, swimming, fitness, and social activities.
  • There are discounts available for members who are under 40 years of age, married, or have children under the age of 24.
  • Members are also required to pay for food, drinks, and cart rentals when they use the club’s facilities.

Overall, Carrollwood Country Club is a high-end country club with a correspondingly high cost of membership. However, the club offers a wide range of amenities and activities that can be worth the investment for some people.

Carrollwood Country Club Amenities

Here are some of the amenities that were typically offered at Carrollwood Country Club:

  1. Golf Courses: The club often featured well-designed golf courses that provided challenges for players of all skill levels. Members could enjoy playing rounds of golf in a picturesque and well-maintained environment.
  2. Tennis Facilities: Tennis enthusiasts could take advantage of tennis courts, both for recreational play and organized matches. The club may have offered tennis lessons, clinics, and social events.
  3. Swimming Pool: Some country clubs include swimming pools for members and their families to enjoy. Pools may have been accompanied by lounge areas, poolside dining, and other amenities.
  4. Dining and Social Spaces: Members often had access to dining facilities, ranging from casual to upscale dining experiences. These spaces might have hosted social events, private parties, and special occasions.
  5. Fitness Facilities: Some country clubs provided fitness centers equipped with exercise machines, free weights, and fitness classes to help members stay active.
  6. Event and Meeting Spaces: The club could have offered event venues and meeting rooms suitable for weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings.
  7. Junior Programs: Family-oriented clubs may have provided junior programs, including activities and events designed for children and teenagers.
  8. Pro Shops: Golf and tennis pro shops might have offered equipment, apparel, and accessories for members to enhance their sports experience.
  9. Social Events: Country clubs often organized a variety of social events, such as themed parties, holiday celebrations, and community gatherings, to encourage a sense of community among members.
  10. Wellness and Spa Services: Some clubs may have offered wellness services such as spa treatments, massage therapy, and relaxation areas.

Carrollwood Country Club Event Information and Dining Options

Carrollwood Country Club in Tampa, FL, typically offered a variety of event options and dining experiences for its members.

Here’s an overview of what might have been offered:

Event Information: Carrollwood Country Club often hosted a range of events to cater to different interests and occasions. These events might have included:

  1. Weddings and Receptions: The club could have provided elegant and picturesque venues for weddings and receptions, complete with professional event planning services to ensure a memorable and seamless celebration.
  2. Corporate and Private Events: Members might have been able to host business meetings, seminars, and private gatherings in various event spaces within the club.
  3. Social Gatherings: The club could have organized themed parties, holiday celebrations, and other social events to foster a sense of community among members.
  4. Tournaments and Competitions: Golf and tennis tournaments could have been regularly scheduled events, providing members with opportunities to showcase their skills and enjoy friendly competition.
  5. Seasonal Events: Special events for holidays, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve, might have been organized with special menus and entertainment.

Dining Options: Carrollwood Country Club likely offered a range of dining options to suit various tastes and occasions. These dining experiences might have included:

  1. Fine Dining: An upscale dining room could have provided a refined atmosphere for members to enjoy gourmet meals and exceptional service.
  2. Casual Dining: A more relaxed dining area might have offered a diverse menu featuring comfort foods, sandwiches, salads, and more.
  3. Poolside Dining: Members might have had the option to enjoy meals and drinks by the pool, combining relaxation with great food.
  4. Lounge or Bar Area: The club could have had a lounge or bar space where members could gather for drinks, cocktails, and lighter fare.
  5. Specialty Menus: For specific events or occasions, the club might have introduced special menus, such as holiday-themed meals or wine-pairing dinners.

Carrollwood Country Club Dress Code and Guest Policy

Country clubs like Carrollwood Country Club typically have specific dress codes and guest policies to maintain a certain level of decorum, uphold club traditions, and ensure a pleasant experience for all members and guests.

Here’s a general idea of what you might expect:

Dress Code: The dress code at Carrollwood Country Club might include guidelines for various areas of the club, such as the golf course, dining areas, and other facilities. Common dress code elements could include:

  1. Golf Course: Proper golf attire is typically required, including collared shirts, slacks or golf shorts, golf shoes with soft spikes, and appropriate golf accessories. Tank tops, denim, and athletic attire might be restricted.
  2. Dining Areas: Dress codes for dining areas may vary, with casual attire often allowed in some sections and more formal attire (business casual or formal) required in others, especially during certain dining hours or special events.
  3. Pool Area: Swimsuits and cover-ups are usually allowed in the pool area, but proper cover-up attire might be required when entering other parts of the club.
  4. Tennis Courts: Tennis attire, including proper tennis shoes, is often required on the courts. Collared shirts and tennis shorts or skirts may be typical.
  5. Special Events: Depending on the event, specific dress codes might be established. Members and guests may be required to adhere to the designated dress code for that particular occasion.

Guest Policy: Country clubs often have guest policies in place to ensure that members can enjoy their club facilities while also providing opportunities for guests to experience the club’s amenities. The guest policy might include:

  1. Accompanied Guests: Members may be allowed to bring guests to the club. The number of guests allowed per member and any associated fees could be outlined in the policy.
  2. Guest Registration: Members might be required to register their guests at the club’s front desk or reception. This helps the club keep track of visitors and ensure a smooth experience.
  3. Guest Privileges: The guest policy may specify which facilities and activities guests are allowed to access. For instance, guests might be allowed to dine at the club’s restaurants, use the pool, or play a round of golf.
  4. Frequency: The policy might define how often a particular guest can visit the club within a certain timeframe to strike a balance between accommodating members’ guests and preventing abuse of guest privileges.

Carrollwood Country Club stands as a beacon of elegance, camaraderie, and leisure in the heart of Tampa, Florida. With its rich history, meticulously designed amenities, and commitment to providing exceptional experiences, the club has become a cherished hub for individuals and families seeking a haven of recreation, social engagement, and unforgettable moments.

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Disclaimer: is an independent resource and is not associated with any of the clubs on this website. Club initiation and membership cost information are estimates only and should not be relied upon for making club membership decisions.

Is there information in this article that’s inaccurate or out-of-date? Please contact us and let us know.

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